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Granny - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Granny, a dog
Adopted from Vermilion County Animal Shelter, Danville, IL

Granny - posted 11/09/2010

From Tammy of Franklin, NH

I saw Granny one day when I was looking for another "senior" to adopt. I fell in love with that face. Once I saw those sad eyes, I had to have her. I made the necessary arrangements, and even being made aware of her being 13 years old, vision and hearing loss, and rather large tumor that she carried in her stomach, I couldn't wait to get her. Up she came on that special van ride. OMG when I saw her, I fell in love with that face all over again.She was so petite and dainty. I couldn't wait to get her home. She instantly accepted my two middle-aged dogs.They seemed to sense right off that she was to be treated with respect, and that she wasn't a new rough-housing playmate. I had the tumor removed right away,and I could tell she felt so much better. She is the most loving, loyal, best-behaved dog I have ever had. How anyone can abandon a dog is beyond me...but a senior that has spent a lifetime loving the owners,and so very loyal, being tossed out like the trash. Granny does require many trips outside daily, she does require meds, she does require more vet checks than my younger dogs...but the way I see it...she has earned that special treatment for her many years of loyalty. She gets treated like a queen, as she deserves. I will be there for her every step of the way right up until the end. If people can treat their senior pets like makes me wonder how they treat(ed) their senior parents. I also just adopted a senior German Shepherd from Christian County Animal Shelter in Hopkinsville, Ky. She's twelve years old .Fortunately the only serious health issue with her is that her ears were infected for many years, and they flap over. She requires ear drops and a good cleaning of the ears daily.Plus she was severely underweight, but now, between the good food, and constant brushing, she's got a good coat, and has put on some much needed weight. I had a 13-year-old Shepherd from the same place previously. He had all kinds of medical issues, but unfortunately I had to have him put to sleep after nine months. I also had a 13-year-old shepherd/collie from Ohio, but after five days she got very sick and I had to have her pts also. It is an emotional roller coaster ride when you adopt a senior, and when the time comes to say goodbye to least they know that someone loved them at the end and they were worthy of that love, and that's what adopting a senior dog means to me.

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