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Dalla - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Dalla, a dog
Adopted from National Great Pyrenees Rescue, Beacon, NY

Dalla - posted 08/29/2010

From Samantha of Bloomingburg, NY

How we found Dallas!

I was on looking for a puppy to ad to our family and we saw a great pyrenees/ anatolian mix. He was very cute but, we weren't sure if he would be the right fit. So we put it on the back burner for a year. Then I was again on petfinder and saw the fosters needed for the national great pyrenees rescue. I thought now that is a way to get to know a breed before making a commitment , I already knew alot about the breed from working as a veterinary Tech for 10years. But I still wanted to get to know more and so did my two kids Brandon 7 & Gabrielle 5. So I filled out the foster form the rescue contacted me checked all my refferences and came to my home for a home visit. Everything went great and we became a foster family July 2009. so they called me about our first foster pup , his name was Gene but changed by his current foster family to Dallas, as they also had his brother Houston. They said , it was tough for his current foster mom to have two pups and also Dallas didn't like to be crated and made alot of noise. So my husband , kids and I meet the current foster mom Cheryl in Beacon, NY to pick him up. He was so cute 4 months old and sweet and just got right in the car. We told the kids he isn't staying we are fostering him and someday we will keep one. Well we took him home and, the first night all he did was cry in his crate and drool, he hated it. So my husband said, take him out and let him sleep up with us and the other 2 dogs we owned. We did he curled up in a ball and went to sleep. So from that night on he slept on the floor in the bedroom or on the sofa. He was such a good pup and was doing really well with his potty training. The rescue called to check on him and she said, he would probably be with us a week or two usually not longer. So for the fun of it I purchased a Wisdom DNA Blood test and drew the blood sent the test in and results came back that he is 80% Great Pyrenees and the rest is unknown the don't have a marker for the breed yet.( But there guess is another type of LGD like Akbash Kangal etc. Well a month went by no one interested in Dallas and we all were getting more attached, he would snuggle with the kids in bed and was just an amazing dog, their was something about him. Well another month went by and a few people asked about him but, then they decided not to adopt him. I said, he must be meant to be for our family. So now we just have to talk my husband into keeping him. Well there was another potential adopter for him , a man in queens wanted him and I couldn't bare to see Dallas in a small yard with no other dogs. He love to play with my two dogs and love the spacious yard we have. So I told the rescue we can't give him up , we have all fallen in love with Dallas who now sleeps on the bed at 90lbs and 15mths old. Well Dallas has gone through Obedience training, he recently graduated from advance and is going to take his Canine good citizen test. We are working toward therapy training, my son read that alot of great pyrenees are therapy dogs and he said it would be nice to bring Dallas to St Judes to put a smile on all those kids faces. ( of course bringing a tear to my eye, I said that would be a great idea) Well when Dallas turned a year in April 2010 , my sister in law purchased a home down the road from us and her daughter wanted her first dog. She said I want one like Dallas, so I contacted the rescue to see if there were any pups available. they said yes and so we fostered two girls and My sister in law adopted one and the other was adopted with in the week. Then we fostered about 5 more for this summer and all were adopted except one we adopted Our Odin which is another story for another day.

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