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Cloud - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Cloud, a bird
Adopted from Animal Rescue League of Boston, Boston, MA

Cloud - posted 12/30/2010

From Jake of Hingham , MA

My family adopted a budgie, Cloud, from the Animal Rescue League of Boston in August. We had been planning on getting a bird for several months, but had just recently thought of adopting one. Cloud was found stray in Cambridge. He was taken into the shelter in June and was there for two months before he was adopted.

He is doing very well. He responds positively to attention and fills the whole house with his happiness and chirping. Whenever he is feeling active, he goes to the bottom of his cage and flies there because it is the widest part. Sometime in January, I am going to get him a cage I found online (32"W x 22"D x 62"H). He will love it (hopefully).

He is not yet hand tame but lets us get close to him and loves us to hand-feed him his favorite treats. He is really noisy and loves when we talk to him. You can hear him from the street! He also likes to listen to other birds, so we play budgies to him. He knows how to whistle and whistles back to us. He also imitates the teapot when it whistles. Once in a while he speaks human words, but not much. One time he spoke to our dog (We adopted him in September). He loves "The Black Eyed Peas" but hates "Pink." He also loves his double mirror and his vitamin block. He is the best!

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