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Josie - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Josie, a dog
Adopted from Toy Breed Rescue, San Jose, CA

Josie - posted 08/24/2010

From Cassie of Sacramento, CA

I drove two hours from my home in Sacramento to San Jose to adopt Josie from Toy Breed Rescue. I knew I wanted a special dog and she is that and so much more! Josie is an eight year old, completely blind Pekingese but she is full of love and doesn't think of herself as disabled. She gets around the house, is perfectly potty trained, we go for daily walks and she loves to romp in the backyard. She is part of our family and EVERYONE loves her. Now that she has become comfortable in her new home she has developed more personality. She sits on command, barks at the gardener, plays her version of fetch and initiates play fights with me when she feels feisty.

Josie is quite the beauty queen also. She loves being brushed, bathed and fussed over in any way AND now that she's been eating excellent food her coat has become shiny and oh-so soft!

She goes everywhere she can with me and my husband. Petsmart is Josie's favorite. We also go to lunch, the mall, grocery shopping, and anywhere else she can sneak in! She has a bag I carry her in and gets very excited when it's time to hop in and go out on the town. She really enjoys going for car rides.

Josie has made many friends as we go to play dates and dog parks to socialize. We've also founded a Meet Up group called Northern California Peke Pals so we can bring together other passionate Pekingese owners and their Pekes.

People we meet always say Josie is so lucky to have me as her Mommy but the truth is that I am the lucky one. This little nugget makes everyday fun, keeps me company and she radiates love and affection. To think that someone neglected her until she went blind and then abandoned her is truly unbelievable. Thank you to Loree, Dr. Schwartz and everyone else at Toy Breed Rescue and Boulevard Pet Hospital for taking Josie in, nursing her back to health and putting her on Petfinder for a second chance at life. We are loving every minute of it!

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