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Kasey - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Kasey, a dog
Adopted from Pet Orphans of Southern California, Van Nuys, CA

Kasey - posted 08/20/2010

From Stephanie of studio city, CA

I am a hard working teacher for one of the biggest and hardest districts in the U.S. My goal in life was to always teach. As I finished college and accomplished this goal, I became the best teacher I could be. For a good 10 years, bettering my knowledge for the classroom, was my focus.

After a hard, long day I would walk into my apartment and get greeted by my loving cat (rescued from the shelter 8+ years ago), Libby. I would sit there and snuggle and play on the computer or watch TV all night. I had little self esteem ( as I am a plus size girl) and lost interest in doing much. I had a lot to give, but lacked motivation to move. I hit hard depression and severe loneliness.

My apartment was having a lot of problems and wouldn't allow dogs. I grew up with family Labs most of my life. I knew it was time for my life to change. Someone told me get a dog. I moved out of my apartment into a dog-friendly apartment. Once I moved and settled, it was time to find a perfect forever friend.

I searched the pounds many times, but found mostly Chihuahuas and Min-Pins. Not being used to small dogs, that was too much a change. I knew Labs were not the best for apartments, so I went for a middle-size dog.

One night on TV I saw a show where the cast members had to go to Pet Orphans to volunteer. I quickly went on Petfinder and Pet Orphans and found a few great dogs. Now the hurdle came: rescue groups do not want people who are gone all day. I wrote Pet Orphans an email about how devoted I would be and how the dog would be walked or in day care while I was at work.

When I went into Pet Orphans, I had my eye on some Doxie/Beagle pups. I was nervous and hesitant , as this would be my first dog. I adopted this adorable reddish one and named her Kasey.

A year later Kasey has changed my life. I take her to the dog park a lot and meet other people . I use Kasey to help lose weight and get in shape. She likes to walk, and I can't make an excuse when I see her brown eyes. I have lost 20 lbs. lately just from lots of walking with Kasey. I now take her to agility classes and am more physical than ever.

Kasey filled a gap in my life and makes coming home so wonderful. She is an amazing dog, who loves to learn. She cuddles with my cat, protects me from strangers, loves my family ( and they are constantly buying her things ) and is amazing with kids. I am hoping to take her into therapy dog training next.

Life really has changed, all from looking at the cutest brown eyes every morning. And the constant petting is therapeutic. She will paw me if I don't stop. lol. As my bumper sticker says, WHO RESCUED WHO?

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