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Coolidge - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Coolidge, a dog
Adopted from Sanilac County Animal Shelter, Sandusky, MI

Coolidge - posted 07/18/2010

From Edmund of Highland, MI

The first thing my wife wanted after we moved into our new home in the Fall of 2007 was a dog. Having been a cat person for 20 years, I was a bit skeptical as a remembered all the work my mother had with the dog that was "mine" when I was a small boy. But I agreed to look for a new addition to our family. As I went online I was shocked and saddened by all of the poor homeless cats and dogs. We agreed that we would find a rescue dog for our forever pet. In short order we found our boy, a poor scrawny little guy who had escaped an abusive owner and had wandered around starving until the Sanilac County Shelter people had found him. The 3 hour drive up to the shelter took forever but soon we were there. The barking of the dogs was deafening but we had no trouble finding him. His pleading eyes and deliriously happy demeanor touched our hearts. The trip home was filled with stops at the fast food drive thru as we couldn't get enough burgers into our new pup. We renamed our dog "Coolidge" after the painter C.M. Coolidge, the artist that painted the "Dogs Playing Poker" series in the late 19th century. Our 20 lb pup is now a 50lb Lab and Beagle mix who loves his back yard, his cat brothers and sister, and is crazy about his Mom and Dad.

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