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Larry Brown - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Larry Brown, a dog
Adopted from Seminole County Animal Services, Harlingen, FL

Larry Brown - posted 07/18/2010

From Beth of Maitland, FL


My name is Larry Brown. My Mom and Dad didn't know it at the time, but my happy tail began 3 1/2 years ago when my Mom decided to adopt a puppy that they found on My Mom and Dad adopted a wonderful Border Collie/Australian Shepard that they named Peyton. Peyton lived with her Mom, Grandma and Grandpa for the first couple years with her best friends... 3 American Eskimo dogs! Then about a year ago, Peyton's Mom decided she was going to move into a new house with her new husband Doug. Right after they got married, Mom decided that Peyton was lonely in their big backyard and missed her Eskimo friends. She needed a new friend to play with.My mom searched for months and months on for the perfect pup, and one day there I was. I was at animal services and I had been an owner surrender. My Mom says that my picture called out to her and she said "this is him!!!" I need this dog to be in our family. They raced up to animal services and she was told that I was already gone. My Mom was very sad and insisted that they look anyways because she just had a feeling. Suddenly one of the volunteers ran up to them and said, "I think we found he red?"

My Mom and Dad were so excited and it was love instantly. After 2 weeks of patiently waiting because I came down with a cold that I had to get over in order to go home, my Mom and Dad picked me up.

Now I live in my forever home with my Mom, Dad and best friend Peyton. They call me Lazy the Larry Dog because I prefer to sleep on the couch than chase birds with Peyton.

Thanks Mom always tells me that she was in love with me before she met me!!

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