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Stella - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Stella, a dog
Adopted from Last Chance Rescue, Howell, MI

Stella - posted 10/28/2009

From Shannon of Marysville, MI

My fiance and I had a 4 year old purebred yellow lab named Shelby. I had her since she was a puppy and she was very energetic. She was very friendly, smart, cuddly, anxious,lovable and mischievous. She would chew up everything if not in her kennel. We would dog sit for relatives and found that her behavior would improve when another dog was in our home. She wouldn't chew up things or rip down mini blinds. She did have some anxiety separation issues from me.

So we decided that we would like to expand our family, not only to help Shelby but to help a dog that needed to be rescued. So I searched for 5 months and found a couple of dogs that we thought we might like. Contacted their foster homes and they were already adopted. Then I saw Carmela, a yellow lab and sharpei mix she was just outside of Flint. I contacted her foster mom and was informed that Carmela was going to PetSmart adoption the very next day Dec. 6th 2008. But if we could get to her house before she had to leave we could take Carmela for a two trial. So on the snowiest of days we drove 1 hour and 1/2 to Flint. We met Glenda the foster mom and she went to get Carmela out of the barn. As soon as I saw her I fell in love with her, so was gorgeous. She seemed to like Chris (my fiance) and I. But Shelby was still in the truck, so we got Shelby out and they met. Well Carmela has a very deep bark and was barking at poor Shelby who hated dogs barking at her. But we took them for a walk in the blizzard conditions and decided let's try it. We loaded Shelby in the backseat with me and Carmela road in the front seat. She sat in the passenger seat like a queen and there wasn't any barking. When we got home we tried leaving Carmela in the new kennel and Shelby outside to check things out. But after maybe a half hour we let her out and it took a couple of hours, but the barking stopped. Our two week trial was up and we were in love. Shelby was trying to get Carmela to play and she didn't know how to, so there was still some barking but in a playful way. We also decided to change Carmela's name to Stella and she acclimated to Stella very well. Stella starting playing and acted like she was meant to be with our family. Stella wasn't as energetic as Shelby, but she tried to keep up with Shelby. Soon after we adopted Stella, Shelby was diagnosed with a brain tumor and it was causing seizures. When Shelby would have a seizure Stella would stand near her, like she was standing guard as a nurse. Then when Shelby's seizure would stop, Stella would have to sniff her all over to make sure she was alright. Well the seizures were becoming more frequent and more severe. The outcome of surgery was not very good, so we decided to make her as comfortable with medication until the seizures started to affect her quality of life. That day did happen on July 9th, the seizures just kept coming right after another and the medication was no longer working. So the next day July 10th, 2009, we decided to put Shelby down. It was the worst day of our lives, but when we came home without her and Stella was waiting for us. It was like she new that I especially needed some extra comforting. Stella was meant to be with us. She is goofy, she plays with toys now and she is the best dog ever. Even though I still miss Shelby dearly. Stella has filled the void in my heart that has been left behind. We both look forward to her greeting us every day when we get home. She usually lets us know that she is happy to see us to by barking. She loves the big back yard and the treats she gets from our neighbors who also love her, because she is such a friendly dog. I thank God for Stella every day and now know she was meant for our family. When or if we plan on adding to our family again we would definitely use

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