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MANGO - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of MANGO, a cat
Adopted from SPCA of Central Florida, FL

MANGO - posted 09/28/2009


Hi, my name is Mango and I was adopted by my folks about a year ago, please allow me to tell their story.

My picture was on the Petfinder web site and Helen saw me there. She fell in love and she and Jack came to see me at the S.P.C.A. (Stanley was my name there). They are both retired and led very boring lives; church, grocery, luncheons, medical get the picture.

Well, I changed all that! I had my leg in a cast, which is what I think won their hearts rather than my handsome looks. They took me home with them without even seeing if I could walk! That's love at first sight!!

As soon as I was pronounced healed and my cast removed, I began changing things around here. I worked very hard to assure the furniture isn't kept so spotless by leaving paw prints everywhere, I snagged a couple places on those perfect tablecloths so they look used, I rearranged all the table knickknacks and attack anything left lying around that fit MY definition of toys. I soon noticed several things disappear...guess they weren't toys. However, don't think I get away with murder as I 'let' them teach me not to jump on the dining table and play with the living room drapes.

There was not much fun in this house when I arrived so I set about to give my family lots of cute antics to laugh about. I streak around the house like a bullet, attack them as they walk, jump and sleep in their laps and do about anything to add to their joy. We talk, love and laugh a lot...and they give me anything good for me including catnip mice and other toys. I even have my own private entrance to the laundry room through my pet door so I can go to my litter box in private. My only regret in life is that I cannot go outside and chase the critters. They don't want me to get hurt and keep telling me about all the danger out there; so I do my bird, lizard and frog patrol from the windows and even have special stools and furniture for lookout towers.

My mom said to tell you that they are grateful to the S.P.C.A. and the folks who took me there because they could not afford my let surgery. My leg still sticks out when I sit, somewhat like a rabbit but they tell me that this just makes me more special!

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