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Sammy - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Sammy, a dog
Adopted from Midwest Dog Rescue Network, IA

Sammy - posted 09/29/2009

From Michelle of , MN

What can I tell you about Sammy?

Well, we already had 2 dogs and 2 cats back in February 2009 when I found myself browsing Petfinder as I would occasionally would do. I came across a breed called "Japanese Chin" and spent the better part of a day researching the breed, watching videos of them on youtube, and searching for them on Petfinder.

Yet, I still searched for shih tzu and pekingese as well--as these are breeds we have in the home already (one of each)--and that's when I came across "Sam". Sam was a black and white pekingese being fostered in Omaha, NE--about 6 to 7 hours away from our home in the northern suburbs of the Twin Cities in MN.

There were some GREAT photographs of Sam that just sucked us in. (We later learned his foster is a professional photographer...and her skill definitely worked in helping to get him adopted!) Sam's description said he was a big big for a pekingese, and we just figured he was a bit of a "porky-peke" like our Tucker. But he looked a little bit like the Japanese Chins I had been researching all day. Either way, I was hooked...and submitted the application that night.

My husband had been working a graveyard shift, so when our two dogs and I went to wake him up that evening...I said "Tucker, did you tell Daddy about Sam?" "Who's Sam?" my husband replied. "Oh, a little black and white pekingese." I told him. "How did you know?!" he asked. I showed him the print-outs of Sam's profile and he wanted to call right then and there (almost 10pm!) and could we go get him yet this weekend. (Boy! That didn't take much!)

A week later, a close friend of mine took a road trip with me and my other two dogs to get Sam. His foster "mom" had to work that day, but other volunteers from their rescue group (or another?) made arrangements to pick him up and meet me in Des Moines, IA. Sam was MUCH bigger than I expected--he stands a good 4 inches taller than my Tucker...and he's longer. But he's ADORABLE.

Tucker didn't think so. Tucker didn't like have a bigger younger brother around at first. In fact, some days he still gets a little owly about it. But Sam has also helped Tucker lose weight by wrestling and getting Tucker to chase him when he has what we call the "zoomies" (zooming in a loop through 3 adjoining rooms). Our shih tzu (Lily) is half Sam's size but will put him and Tucker in their places as any good alpha girl would. But she enjoys Sam very much and really likes to play with him.

With Sam being bigger than my other dogs and still a puppy (he had just turned a year old)...we had to re-doggy proof the house. He can get into places the other two can't! LOL Plus I took him to obedience classes--which we both loved. In fact, Sam even took 2nd place in rally they set up for us the final night. Atta boy, Sammy!!

It was a longer adjustment period with Sammy because of the two boys trying to determine who was 2nd in command after the little shih tzu...but we wouldn't trade him for the world. He's the most friendly, good matured dog I've ever met and a true joy to have in our home.

If you're considering adopting a dog for the first time, but are having some doubts...know that there are great dogs who will be great companions out there! We have two of them now, and when the time comes for us to think about a new dog (hopefully 10 years or more from now!!)...we will likely adopt a rescue again. Just make sure you can handle their needs based on their background and your current situation. If you're lucky, you'll find a dog as great as Sammy!

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