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Tucker - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Tucker, a dog
Adopted from S.A.F.E. Sanctuary, MN

Tucker - posted 09/29/2009

From Michelle of , MN

In Jan. 2005, my husband and I were married and I moved in with my shih tzu (Lily) and my cat (Jake)...with the understanding that I wanted a 2nd dog at some point.

In Jan 2007 we visited Maui, and when we got home and my husband realized how much he missed Lily while we were away he declared "That's it. I am officially head over heels in love with this dog...and its time to get another one."

So, I started looking for another shih tzu--and found one on Petfinder that was at a local shelter only a few miles away. But when we called in the morning, we learned that this little fellow had already been adopted.

I continued to search and think about other breeds I had enjoyed growing up...and did a search for a pekingese...and this is when we came across "Potter" (now known as "Tucker" or "Taquito" or "Quito"...we have lots of nicknames for him). "Potter" was being fostered in Southern MN about 1.5-2 hrs away. But we made arrangements to take Lily down for a visit after work one night. Lily wasn't too interested in Potter--other dogs and cat smells were a plenty. But Potter tried to get her to play outside in the snow.

I hadn't seen Lily so stand-offish around another dog, so I wasn't sold. But my husband was! We continued to explore the options and a few days later my husband called to say he was being sent home early because of a blizzard, and that he wanted to come to my office for the adoption papers, etc. That's right. He wanted to drive through a blizzard to get this new dog, which we had already started calling "Tucker". (It kept coming out of my mouth accidentally, so we decided just to stick with it.)

When he finally got down there, he called to say "I've got him and he just blew snot in my eye! He's MY dog!!" :)

We were told that Tucker came from a home in Chicago where the couple had had to take in a toddler (granddaughter) who wasn't being nice to the dog. He was placed with SAFE Sanctuary who moved him along the chain of their foster homes until they got him to one that had room.

Tucker was pretty skittish of men--and stairways--and if you raised your voice at all, he would go lay by the doorway to the garage. We were and still are fairly certain the story the shelter was given was missing some details and that he was likely abused.

While it took a few weeks for the two dogs to adjust, they soon became best of friends...Lily LOVES her Tucker! Make no mistake about it. Of course, I love him too...and my husband? Good gravy! He used to be worried about having Lily on the furniture and wanted me to put an extra blanket on top of our covers when I first had her up on the bed. Before we got Tucker, he built stairs for Lily to get up onto the bed...and when Tucker arrived...well, it was all over. He sleeps under the covers, with his head next to my husband's on the pillow!

Thanks Petfinder and SAFE Sanctuary!

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