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Adopted from Friendsof the Shelter

Gracie - posted 08/20/2009

From Ann Marie of Espanola, NM

It was just meant to be! I was reading a story about a young girl who adopted a Pitty and how she is changing people's minds about the breed. I think that is great! I am considerable older than her, but I too adopted a Pitty. I had been looking weeks earlier..just browsing around our local animal shelters to see what animals are out there for adoption, still not sure if I was ready to adopt again.

See, I had just moved from city life to country life and although I had a walled in yard my curious dogs still got out! They were smelling fields of hay and running water on the outside of the wall and just had to explore their new surroundings. One of my dogs was a pitty/bulldog mix. Most beautiful, loving, loyal animal you could ever meet. She always was kind, gentle and loving to all kids and family. I adopted her when she was just a pup...she was just about to turn four. She knew and loved being around kids and was oh so gentle around other animals.

I recall when my granddaughter was just learning to climb up to the coffee table and scoot herself around she would get so excited to see Nakita and visa versa. Poor Nakita, she would slowly approach her, kiss her, then close - I mean squint her eyes as hard as she could because she knew what was coming next! My baby would grab her cheeks, and as babies do...kiss her with an open mouth so another words, she would eat her nose and hug her and squeeze her and pull her ears and they both loved it! It left a hole in our hearts when I returned home from work one day to find her dead just outside the wall. I think when neighbors saw her -all they saw was pit bull and didn't take a chance that she wasn't there to eat the cows or sheep...they just shot at her and killed her.

After a few months of feeling lonely and missing her so much, I started peeking at what was in our local shelters, but finally abandoned the idea. I was afraid that the same thing could happen again. Then, one day, after having computer problems and having to reboot my computer, as the machine came up, so did a picture of a dog. I clicked on it, thinking it was odd that of all past viewings for my computer to save, it would be one of a dog. So again, I clicked on the site and I saw Gracie! I called the number listed on the site and to my surprise the lady worked at my same company as I do, and although she didn't physically have the dog, she was the person screening those looking to meet her. I was sent to the foster home that had her so that I can meet her. Instant bonding! When we met, she looked at me for just a moment, then hugged me. We went for a walk and got to know each other. I was given an application to fill out and leave with the foster mom. I was initially told that I had to have a home visit and several other requirements met before I could adopt her. After filling out the application I was going to get up to leave and Gracie did the one thing that Nakita use to do to me, she sat on my feet so that I couldn't move...she didn't want me to leave! That was it! I knew that there were powers bigger than both of us that were bringing us together and to prove that, I was told by the foster mom that she was given full authority to make a decision who she adopted out to and that we were a "match made in heaven"! Perfect! I picked her up a couple of hours later, when I got of work and took her home!

Gracie and my two year old granddaughter became instant best friends! Gracie is instinctively gentle with her and just loves her!

Thank you to all the animal lovers out there, especially those who foster unwanted animals like pitbulls...they need you! Thank you Petfinder for giving me a great companion and a wonderful addition to my family!

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