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Oreo - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Oreo, a dog
Adopted from Lil' Tykes Rescue & Adoption, AL

Oreo - posted 07/24/2009

From Molly of Gulf Breeze, FL

After a few months of looking for a dog to adopt, I was beginning to get discouraged. I was positive that I could find a dog to fall in love with, but I did not know when, where, or how. I grew up in a household with a dog that we adopted from the local animal services center and she is a smart, loving, and wonderful part of our family. I only hoped that I could find a dog so wonderful to be my own first dog. As a young adult, dog lover, and recent college graduate setting out on my own, I decided it was time for a companion of my own, too! One late Saturday night, months into the search, I was browsing through and found a precious cocker spaniel/poodle mix that reminded me so much of my family's precious dog that I had to take a second look, third, and fourth. It did not take long for me to fall in love. In the morning, I called the shelter where Oreo had lived for the past three years, her listing was outdated, the seven year old puppy dog was now ten and still needed a loving home. It only took about five minutes for me to know I had found my dog. I made arrangements to adopt Oreo that Sunday afternoon. My family joined me as we traveled to adopt this wonderful dog and we soon were united, Oreo, wet from a bath and wagging her tail as promised, and Me too excited to do anything but scoop her up and start planning her future with me!

There are so many dogs that need rescue, I can't imagine choosing a dog any other way. Oreo is already ten years old, "unadoptable" by many standards, but she beat the odds. I want to thank the family who choose to at least give her the chance by placing her in a no kill rescue shelter. And though I cannot imagine anyone giving her up, that is how I found her.

Oreo is a happy, health, and playful dog now! She has adjusted well to her new life of sleeping on the couch and endless attention. And, although I may only have my precious new Oreo for a short time, I wouldn't have it any other way. I will love and take care of her for as long as I can!

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