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Cow - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Cow, a dog
Adopted from Dalmatian Rescue of Southwestern Virginia

Cow - posted 08/03/2009

From Kimberly of Boston, MA

There is a home out there for every dog; sometimes it just takes a while to find it! Meet Cow--our blind, deaf, hypothyroid, and incontinent Dalmatian. Some would consider her to be "unadoptable"; in fact, she was in a southern shelter, doomed for euthanasia, until the breed rescue group offered her a second chance. Turned in at a shelter following her owner's admission to a nursing home, in a foreign and confusing setting, Cow never lost her sweet nature. However, even the rescue had difficulty placing her and worried about her future.

Following the death of my former rescue named Dice, I was a bit hesitant to adopt another Dalmatian. Dice had medical issues, but had severe emotional problems as well. While I loved the breed, I was well aware of how many people fail to socialize and train them correctly, leading to challenges when they must be rehomed. When I eventually started looking around, I came upon Cow and felt that she might be the perfect candidate for me. I am known as our local "Fairy Dogmother," as I take in special needs, older, and problem pooches and give them a forever home with me. I built my home and lifestyle around my dogs' needs, and find this activity to be very rewarding. I talked with the adoption coordinator and volunteers several times, which helped to reduce my concern level over this dog. Although she faced significant challenges, her disposition was said to be perfect. Soon she was transported to an adjacent state, and I went to pick her up. She was every bit as calm, sweet, and loving as they had stated. She seemed a bit lost at first, and I felt badly to think of how scared she must have been living at the shelter where she'd been turned in. Cow was obese at the time, so we put her on a high-quality diet and increased her exercise. Her weight has normalized, and the skin irritations she initially had disappeared. Although we must take significant precautions to protect her from injury, it has now become our routine. She is very trainable, using touch and vibration. She loves nothing more than to be held and petted and is amazingly adept at seeking out soft sofas and bedding to lie on! She is now being trained to work as a therapy dog, as my other dogs do. We feel that she'll serve as an inspiration to some of the more severely disabled patients...She's a shining example of someone who has overcome significant obstacles, but can still lead a productive and purposeful life in spite of them! We are grateful to Petfinder for hooking us up with our many rescued dogs and will continue to use the service in the future.

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