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Odin - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Odin, a dog
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Odin - posted 05/17/2009

From Ellen of Waterloo, IA

When I first stumbled upon, it had only been a little over 8 months since my best friend had to join other pets at Rainbow Bridge. Jiffy was a chow-chow, and had to be PTS at the ripe age of 18!

For many months, all I looked at were the Chows- I missed my Jiffy so much. I thought another chow chow was the answer...I really wasn't looking at many other breeds.

One day though, I saw a picture of Odin- he sure wasn't a chow! He was described as a border collie/lab, but the vet says aus shepherd.

He has given me back all the joy I had been missing in my life. We take long walks, (he has his own backpack!) smell the spring flowers and enjoy time together.

He's playful-goodness I had forgotten how it is to have a 2 yr old- he gets me moving in the morning and gives kisses whenever he can sneak one in.

He's such a good boy, and even though his past owner couldn't keep him, he has found his forever home now.

I am so glad I found Odin, and thanks to Petfinder, another dog is being spoiled rotten and another person is again 'owned' by her dog:)

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