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Suzie - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Suzie, a dog
Adopted from Puget Sound Rescue, WA

Suzie - posted 05/08/2009

From Noriko of Issaquah, WA

I thought that we would never be able to find a dog for us. My 6 years old daughter is afraid of big dogs. She does not like hyper active dogs. She only wanted a small female dog whose fur is light color. Boy we had so many conditions.!However, we found Suzie at!! Suzie is a small chihuahua/terrier mix whose fur is beautiful tan/blond! She is a quiet and shy and very gentle sweet girl who would never do anything we would not like. She is so loyal and well-mannered and super well-behaved. We will do anything we can to make Suzie happy forever. We love you, Suzie!

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