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Stella - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Stella, a dog
Adopted from All Breed Canine Rescue, ON

Stella - posted 03/23/2009

From Andrea of Oakville, ON

Our family was originally looking for a smaller male dog to keep our female foxhound company since our German Shepherd Tessa passed away last December. We were looking for a smaller dog so that one person could walk them together. Since all of the other pets we have right now are rescue animals we looked to Petfinder to help us find our perfect match. We were thinking fell in love with the photo of a male dog on the All Breed Canine Rescue page. Unfortunately the rescue group did not think that he would be a good match since we have 7cats and they did not feel the dog would be a good fit with the cats.

They did mention that they had a little girl Holly that got along with other dogs and cats. She was from a puppy mill in Kentucky and she was bred to be lining in boots. That broke our hearts and after some discussion we decided we would bring Holly home for a night to see how she fit in with our foxhound Gia and the cats.

Holly never left. . . she did get a name change though! Her name is now Stella and she has just fit in perfectly with our family.

We had ground rules set when she came. She would not be allowed on the furniture, she would sleep in her crate when we were not home AND at night... that lasted about two days. If you are sitting, Stella is sitting right there with you, on your lap! She sleeps in our beds at night also.

Since we got Stella a family member moved back in with her Pitbull Tex and three other cats. We sure do have a full house now with three dogs and ten cats, at times it can be a bit busy but they all get along so well we could not have it any other way.

Stella loves chewing her bones, chasing the cats, going for walks and she sure can keep up. We walk her for at least an hour a day and she does not ever tire out. . . when it is time to sleep though Stella loves it cuddling right in and becomes very stubborn when it is time to get out of bed in the morning.

She is always getting into trouble...and getting away with it because of her little legs and cute little face are hard to get mad at her.

Stella is the final piece to our very large puzzle and she has definitely found her forever home.

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