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Daphney - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Daphney, a dog
Adopted from St. Frances Humane Society, Georgetown, SC

Daphney - posted 02/22/2006

From Michelle of Lexington, KY

I moved to South Carolina to be with my boyfriend, who is in the Navy. We decided on getting a dog shortly after I moved in because we've always had a dog in our lives growing up. He actually had six dogs at one point. (I've always had one). I found out about and started my search. We looked at humane societies in Charleston, where we lived, and found a dog we liked but due to pet restrictions at our apartment we couldn't have her. So we looked some more. And then I saw it; a picture of this beautiful puppy staring straight into my eyes. I just knew that she was the one. So we both took the day off work and drove an hour to Georgetown just to look at her. Well... we fell in love!! She took my heart from the start, and my love for her just keeps getting stronger and stronger. She's a great dog. We've had her for over a year now and she's just such a joy in my life. And I'm sure I'm the joy in hers. She gets to sleep on my bed with me, cuddling up with me all night. I recently bought her a "puppy pool," which she adores. I know I would have never found her if it wasn't for So thank you to everyone who made this little darling part of my life. She'll also be getting a friend in the next year, so I'm ready to find another great one on!

Michelle Good

Lexington, KY

St. Frances Humane Society

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