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Shaggy - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Shaggy, a dog
Adopted from Another Chance Ranch, NY

Shaggy - posted 06/13/2017

From Mary Ann of Ontario, NY

Everyone is so in love, we almost can't stand it.

For months I had been searching for the perfect dog for my folks. My mom really wanted to have another dog, my Dad, he wasn't so sure. We always had dogs growing up and many of my siblings have them now. But for my Dad, living in Florida during the winter and upstate NY the rest of the time, he wasn't sure about having a dog in Florida.

I needed to find them a dog with certain personality traits. At first it was odd, checking off the "personality requirements" for a dog. But the reality was my folks needed a certain type dog to make it a good match for them.

I heard about from a local shelter and it was there that I had everything I needed to embark on my search. It was important to me that I find a pet that would be compatible with our family. I was happy to learn that it was equally important to the animal rescue organizations.

It all made sense, finding the perfect match for both sides.

First and foremost, my folks needed a dog that was smaller and loved children (there are 15 grandchildren in our family, ages 10 months - 21 years.) We are a very close-knit family and see each other all the time. They needed a dog that enjoyed people, walked on a leash, liked riding in cars, was housetrained, crate-trained, wasn't a barker, etc., many of which could be learned. But my goodness, if we looked that closely at people, none of us would pass the test.

I searched via for about two months, getting familiar with the various Rescues and did I learn a lot! I had no idea just how many animals needed homes, no idea how many rescues were in my own state, let alone, close to home. was so easy to search and so easy to find the "matches" for my parents, but I never thought we would find what we found. His name is Shaggy and he was just 35 minutes away from us. Further, he was the perfect match and our family was for him as well.

It's hard to even begin to tell you how awesome Shaggy is. He's only been "home" a couple weeks and from the get go; you'd think he's been with our family his entire life.

We never would have known about Shaggy had it not been for We never would have adopted him had he not been "rescued". We never would have found such a perfect love in this little guy. He is such a joy and brings so much love into our entire family that it's literally hard to believe. All of the kids love him and he loves them. He's definitely a people "person".

Everyone who has met Shaggy falls in love. If you weren't a "dog" person before, once you meet Shaggy your heart and mind is changed very quickly. Shaggy is the perfect match for our entire family and we for him. It is a match made in Heaven, or should I say, Conesus, NY.

We can't thank Another Chance Ranch enough for what they do to make this world a better place. We were always a very loving, joy-filled family. Shaggy has brought another dimension to this family. He is a true example of why we should all look to adopt pets who need homes. Everyone deserves a family. Thank you to all who helped bring Shaggy to us. One can tell that whoever had him previously must have loved him, I only wish they knew how much he is loved now and how much joy he continues to bring to our lives.


Mary Ann in Ontario, New York

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