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Luna - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Luna, a dog
Adopted from Kansas City Siamese Rescue, MO

Luna - posted 04/12/2008

From Toni of , MO

We actually have 3 Happy Tails. Einstein (Einer) (M) is a black lab/dane mix from Harrisonville Animal Shelter; Riddik (M) is . . . a mut that looks like a skinny Pit Bull from Raymore Animal Control; and Luna (F) is 1/2 German Shorthair Point and 1/2 Black Lab from KC Siamese Rescue.

Though this story is more about Luna. . . . Einer does not pay with other dogs. He just relaxes. He rarely gets excited. Riddik loves to play and run and be a puppy. We sometimes take them to my in-laws b/c they have 5 acres (3 1/2 fenced) with many other dogs to play with. I noticed Riddik enjoys playing with the girl dogs (what a flirt!) and Einer doesn't particularly care for dogs in general. So we decided we wanted a female, black lab puppy for Riddik to play w/ as we are gone most of the day.

I found a puppy adoption event on Petfinder that was to be held close to my town. They didn't have many pictures, none of Luna (or Mitzi as the shelter called her). I just went to see what I could find and hoped to find that perfect, sleek, black, female, pup. When I arrived it was nearly closing time so I expected them to be picked over. I went from one cage to the next. There was this pen of sleeping puppies. And in the middle of these tan and light colored dogs there was a black lab. :-) I asked about her and she was there from breeder surrender. Mom was a black lab and dad was a German Shorthair Pointer. :-) She had the most b-e-a-utiful face I’d ever seen, so she came home. My husband’s only requirement was that she be black, and she be cute. I did pretty good I think. :-)

Now Riddik and Einer never had any trouble housebreaking, they were really easy pups to raise. This left me unsuspecting and spoiled. The next week after Luna or as she was known around the house then “Little Girl,†came home she was covered in Ringworm; which is contagious to dogs and humans. Her beautiful face had spots of hair missing now. The KC Siamese Rescue helped out greatly and offered their support. After a few months of stained carpet and washing Luna every other day, the Ringworm cleared up and then a non-contagious version of the Mange appeared! My husband and I were almost to our wits end. So Luna started oral medication everyday for a month as treatment. But fortunately it cleared up nicely. :-) But she was so bad about potty-ing in the house my husband and I were thinking of taking her back to the shelter. We had had her for 4months and couldn't pick out a name for her because we were so frustrated with the problems “she†brought to our home.

Then I read an article that said the number 1 reason why dogs end up in shelter is because of housebreaking and my heart just sank. But the next article was more practical and it said that some puppies need to potty every 15-20mins. THE LIGHT CAME ON! We had really only been letting her out every 30-60minets. Not a week later Luna was totally house broken and she got her name and she is staying for good. She also knocks on the door every time she needs to potty. :-) I'm so happy that after 4months we did not give up on her like so many others do. I hope this story encourages you, as Luna is my precious little girl.

Toni Criag


Kansas City Siamese Rescue

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