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Otis - A Petfinder Happy Tail

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Otis - posted 01/24/2008

From jamie of river falls, WI

I was working at MacAfee animal hospital as an intern when I found penny. I had tried not to get attached because working at a clinic you see a lot of dumped animals. But Penny's story broke my heart and I eventually talked my mom into taking her. Penny was three or four when I met her and she had been through 3 homes at that time she had abandonment issues and abuse issues. Her first home from what I learned she had been beaten and misused and was taken away at about 4 to 6 months old. She then landed in the home of an older gentleman who kept her as a pet and spoiled her often but when she was about two he boarded her at the vets clinic and went in for surgery and never came back. And she was surrendered to the clinic by his sister. Two months later she was adopted by a family who loved her dearly I know this because at the time of her surrender, a year later (because their rental house got sold and they had to move into an apartment) they wrote a letter to her next family which was kept in her file, all about her and you could tell the amount of love they had for her. This letter is what prompted me to talk my mom into taking her. My mother had been looking for a new companion dog since her lab died a few years ago. And penny was living on borrowed time the vets were having trouble placing her due to her separation anxiety and other issues. They were giving her another 2 weeks to find a home they listed her on pet finder as a last resort if she didn't find a home they were putting her down. I had been working with her to help on these issues and falling in love at the same time and the end of the first week was approaching I went home crying because I knew this dog was special and I just had to stop them from putting her down. I talked with my mom and showed her the ad on pet finder and she agreed to see if penny would fit our family. My mother and father came to the clinic and it was love at first site we took her for a trial run and never brought her back. My other dog Taz has become a great companion for her and her separation anxiety issues ceased. We have found out as she has matured that she actually is part American bull terrier and not a pointer as was previously thought, she loves everyone and when people find out she is a (pitbull) they are often surprised and their views of the breed are changed. We love her and hope she has many more great years with us.

Jamie Reierson

River Falls, WI

Happy Hounds

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