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Bogart and Emily - A Petfinder Happy Tail

Photo of Bogart and Emily, a cat
Adopted from Shadow Cats, Round Rock, TX

Bogart and Emily - posted 02/22/2006

From Ron of McKinney, TX

We recently had to put down our beloved pet of many years, Cimarron, due to complications arising from kidney failure. He was close to 20 years old and had hung on through thick and thin despite problems the last several years of his life with his colon and kidneys. We'd had to put a second pet, Zorski, down a year earlier, so after several months with no cats, it was time to welcome another into our family.

I knew I wanted a cat that looked somewhat similar to Cimarron, so I started Petfinder and told it to show me adult orange tabbies. There weren't any in the immediate area, but I kept scrolling down and saw "Bogart." He was the spitting image of Cimarron. So, I contacted the agency, Shadow Cats of Round Rock. It turned out that Bogart was an FIV- kitty. Because he was FIV, nobody had considered him for adoption, and he had been at the shelter three years. I thought that discovering a cat which looked so similar to Cimarron, and which needed someone to love, was no coincidence. After talking with my wife, Leslie, who had Cimarron and Zorski longer than me (ten years last April), we decided that I would visit Bogart to see if we could be a match.

About a month or so later, I finally was able to make it down to Round Rock to visit Sheila Smith. She and her husband have turned their house into a sanctuary for rescued cats. Most of Shadow Cats' work is capture, spay/neuter, and release, but from time to time they come across cats which were pets abandoned by cruel owners. The FIV kitties were kept separate from the others. When I walked into their main room, all of them were happy to greet me. Bogart paid his respects and then sat in a chair observing my interaction with the others. They were all happy to have a visitor, and I stayed there for about an hour giving them some attention.

I returned to McKinney and discussed the encounter with Leslie. We couldn't see any reason not to adopt Bogart, so we told Sheila that we would. We went through Shadow Cats' thorough investigation (which included a home visit) and were overjoyed to be approved as adopters. Six weeks later, after we had returned from a trip, we finally adopted not just Bogie, but Emily, a brown tabby from the same shelter who was also FIV. We thought that since Bogie had been in the shelter so long, having a companion to keep him company was probably a good idea. Bless Sheila's heart, she actually put both cats in her SUV and drove them up to us, a distance of about 200 miles.

We were worried that it would take both quite some time to adapt to their new home. Our fears were totally groundless. We decided to take a chance the first night and let them have run of most of the house; they spent the night in bed with us (which was perfectly fine by us). They both have been perfect litter-box users so far. Bogie tends to be a little more outgoing and spends time upstairs with me in my home office, "supervising" my day by making sure he is present for petting duties. Emily is usually present whenever a meal is put out, but she also loves to keep one of us company in the big recliner in the front room. Both cats are so loving and remarkably well behaved.

People who won't consider special needs kitties such as ours don't know what they are missing. We are so happy to be sharing our home with these two loving pets. That's Bogie on the left, Emily on the right.

Ron Boerger

McKinney, TX

Shadow Cats

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