Romeo’s Whoops! Wake up

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Once again, today’s wake up was NOT my fault!

I think we’re gonna need a bigger table.

The staff has these really small tables beside the bed that aren’t easy to jump up on at all. Why would they choose something so small? My paws barely fit on it, not to mention my fluffy rear end.

So, when I tried to go from floor to table to bed this morning to begin the wake up process, I skidded a little bit and my paws slipped and WHOOOOOOOOPPS….the alarm clock, chapstick and water bottle went flying off the table onto the hardwood floor. CRASH! BAM! OH HELLO, STAFF!

I wish I could say I was sorry but a) One should not have tables that small next to the bed and b) BREAKFAST was prepared pretty soon after the incident so I’m sorry but, well, not really.

Dear readers, has your cat ever knocked the bedside table stuff onto the floor? Inquiring cats want to know!

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