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Bloggers are protecting pets this Independence Day


More pets go missing on July 4 than any other day of the year. That’s why we’re so excited to host a blog hop to celebrate Summer Pet Safety and remind pet parents to keep their pets safe this July 4!

dog wearing sunglasses and american flagI understand why July 4 can be a bit overwhelming, personally. According to my mom, I was scared of fireworks as a very young child. It makes sense, you have no idea what’s happening and there are very loud noises. I bet all instincts say “RUN!!!” or perhaps “HIDE!!!!” not “oh, cool, this is a cultural and artistic celebration of our country. Let’s relax and enjoy the community aspect of this loud event.”

For the past five years I actually haven’t even always gone to see fireworks. I live right outside DC. The crowds on the Mall for the official fireworks are a bit too much for me (I’m impatient and like to spread out). There are some good community fireworks nearby, but those I can usually see by going on a friend’s roof or balcony without having to travel somewhere. I know it’s a bit nontraditional, but it works for me. Toby thankfully doesn’t seem to notice them from inside our apartment. I suppose we’ve just always had pretty good noise insulation so he doesn’t hear them. I know plenty of other dogs who are afraid of them. One of my former teachers is a Facebook friend of mine and she commented that her dog is already having difficult nights because of neighbors setting off fireworks. I hope some of my suggestions (pulled from our gallery of tips for a safe July 4) help her. Everyone deserves a good holiday with as little stress as possible — especially our pets who celebrate our ups and downs the rest of the year.

Now that you’ve read some of my thoughts about Independence Day, check out what other bloggers are saying. Click through the links below to visit the participating blogs and then be sure to click and add your own post to keep the hop going!

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