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Animal and Organizational Management Software

About Your Software Program

About Your Software

  Username: Password:
(This is to allow you to return to edit your answers.)
(1) What is the name of your Software?
(2) Which of these animal activities does your system track? (Select all that apply)

Intakes Medication
Outcomes Spay/neuter
Adoption Transfer
Euthanasia Behavior evaluation/training
Transport/Transfer Permit issuance
Lost & Found Animal history/profile
Licensing Cruelty Complaints
Rabies tags Dispatch
Microchips Citations
Wildlife intake/release Field service calls
Foster care Quarantines
Medical history Memos
(3) Which of these administrative functions does your system track? (Select all that apply)

Trap loan/retrieval Volunteer hours/activities
Inventory Staff hours/activities/training
Cash receipts Donors
Donations Calendar of events
General ledger Membership
Person history/profile Scheduling
(4) Which of these features does your program offer? (Select all that apply)

Levels of password protected access Export to Petfinder.com
Photos attached to individual records Retail operations
Remote operations (wireless) Bar coding
Standard reports Multiple locations
Customizable reports      
(5) Does your report generating feature require third party software?
(6) Does your program interface with other desktop or server software, such as: Excel, Crystal Reports, mapping software, etc.? If so please list them.
(7) Can your system batch import data?
(8) Does your program communicate with the software of other vendors, such as microchip registration databases, pet insurance registration, etc.?
(9) Can your program import scanned bar codes?

About Your Company

  (1) Contact information:
Company Name: Sales Phone:
Contact Name: Fax Number:
Address: Tech Support Number:
City: Website: http://
State/ Province: Email:
Zip/Postal Code:    
(2) Number of years in business:
(3) Number of years program has been in use:
(4) Are demo programs available?
(5) How many groups currently use this program?

About Your Clients

  (1) Which market is your program geared towards? Check all that apply.
Small organizations doing primarly adoptions and intake (rescue groups, foster based….) Mid-sized group
Small shelter based programs w/limited activities (1 or 2 a.c.o.s) Large full service organizations
(2) What is the average size of organizations that use your program?
Number of computers:
Number of animals handled/year:

Software Tech Specs

  (1) What equipment is required to run this program?
(2) Is your program web based, not web based or either?
(3) Does your product support client-server or network access to data?

Software Pricing Structure

  (1) What is the upfront cost to purchase the basic program? $  
(2) What additional modules can be purchased? Please provide module name, description of major functions and cost:
Module Name Module Function(s) Cost
(3) Are there any annual fees?$
(4) Is there a cost for data conversion? $
(5) Is on-site training available?
If so, what is the associated cost? $

Service and Support

  (1) What type of service do you provide?
Manned call center Email
Voicemail system/message center On-line interactive
Remote access  
(2) Are there additional costs for tech support, if so how much? $ per hour
(3) During which hours of the day is tech support available?
(4) What types of problems do users commonly report?
(5) What is the average time for problems being resolved?
(6) How often are new versions/upgrades released?
(7) How often are software patches released?

Additional Information

  (1) In 500 words or less: Why should organizations purchase your shelter software program?

(2) Are there any incentives you would like to provide to current PetWhere Users to help them transition over to your program? (This will only be shared with PetWhere Users)
(3) Are there any incentives you would like to provide to Petfinder.com members for purchasing your program? (This will be shared publicly).
(4) References and testimonials are welcome, please list them here. (250 words maximum)
Petfinder.com reserves the right to edit, delete or otherwise modify any information supplied in whole or in part at its sole discretion at any time and without prior notice to survey respondents.

By completing and submitting this survey, the respondent authorizes Petfinder.com to use the information in any manner including, but not limited to, publication on the Petfinder.com website and holds Petfinder.com harmless from any liability, loss, claim and expense related to the survey responses submitted or Petfinder.com's use thereof.