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Pet of the Week...

Meet Peewee!

Peewee is a standard dapple male Dachshund. His vet birthday guess is 4/23/2007 and he weighs 31 pounds. Peewee is fully vetted which includes his neuter, vaccines with rabies, occult heartworm and fecal tested negative. He received full dental cleaning, had a fatty mass removed from his underside and two skin moles removed. Peewee is receiving monthly heartworm prevention and flea control. Peewee is ready for adoption!

Peewee was owner surrendered to the Kilgore Texas Animal Shelter. He was rescued 4/22/2013.

Peewee is a charming fellow. He is near your side when not outdoors or using the restroom and checking the fence line. Peewee likes other K 9's once he knows they are friendly and enjoys walks outdoors. He rides excellent in the passenger seat looking for folks to wave at him. Peewee knows he's cool and loves to be talked to and loved. He is potty and leash trained. Any home life with or without children would be fine. Still active but a snoozing buddy best describes Peewee.

Adoption fee is $150.

Jeff Tarpley Rescue is a full time rescue effort dedicated to helping animals. All animals for adoption are rescued from shelters or owner surrenders. Puppies under 4 months old receive their shots from a DVM. A spay/neuter contract is required for adoption. The vetting of an adult animal includes spay/neutered, shots with rabies, heartworm and parasite tested. Treatment of heartworms, dentals, cherry eye repair, mange, parvo exposure and broken limbs are some examples of what is done to save lives. Vet records come with adoption along with the last date of interceptor for heartworm prevention and frontline placed for flea control.

In July 2012 Jeff Tarpley and volunteers rescued 38 Dachshunds from a home in Texarkana Arkansas. This picture was taken in the kitchen as the door was open. The rescue effort was named 38 Special Dachshunds.

Who Am I?

My name is Jeff Tarpley. I am an independent rescuer. In June 2007 I started transporting rescued and adopted animals around the four states area. My first transport was an abused (GSD) German Shepard Dog out of Louisiana headed to Minnesota. His name was Wilson and I will never forget him. Since meeting Wilson, I have driven 129,700 miles for the animals. Jeff Tarpley Rescue was founded May 28th 2008 on Petfinder.com. Over one thousand animals have been placed in homes across the United States. The mission is plan ole common sense, rescue, spay/neuter-gett'em healthy and find a wonderful home.

Jeff Tarpley Rescue

Adopting a new friend from JTR...

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Jeff Tarpley Rescue welcomes all inquires from home owners and condo, apartment dwellers. A completed adoption application and upon approval, adoption contract is required.

Residences in the 50 states and Canada with a minimum age of 18 years old are considered for adoption. Adoption fees depend on the expenses of vetting, treating and caring for the animal.

Never adopted before?

Everyone wishing to adopt an animal from JTR must complete an adoption application. This application asks for general information about the adopter, adopterís family, other current and prior pets and previous veterinary care. If you have never had a family pet before, follow up veterinary calls will be made during the year to insure the animal is being well cared for. Home visits are required unless the distance is too far for JTR or JTRís contacts. Pictures of the home and common ground are required. Once the application is approved the adopter may meet and or adopt any of JTR's animals. A signed adoption contract is required. Adopters with approved applications are top priority to JTR.

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This entire rescue effort is dedicated to Jolly...

Jolly is a male, 6 year old Boston Terrier Dachshund mix. Jolly was adopted in November 2007 from a New England Boston Terrier rescue. He was my first foster. Jolly was rescued from a Dallas Texas shelter. I failed fostering 101, as Jolly stole my heart. The time spent with Jolly I have found he and I are a lot alike. We stand up to everything we believe in. Big or small, it just doesn't matter. Jolly can be found riding shot gun in the van as we travel, pulling K 9's out of shelters. JTR

Jeff Tarpley Rescue

Texarkana Texas PO Box 282 Nash, Texas 75569-0282