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Interested in adopting or fostering a pet? Please contact Sherry for more information at Tailwaggersanimalrescue@yahoo.com. WE ARE DESPERATE FOR FOSTER HOMES.

Thank you very much for helping us help animals from rural county gas shelters!

Donations: We are always in need of donations. Items we can use are dog and puppy food, cat food, kitten chow, cat litter, old blankets, pet carriers, cat and dog toys and treats, mops, and cleaning products. You may also make a monetary donation. We are a nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible.

Volunteering: Want to get more involved with homeless pets? We currently have an urgent need for foster homes. We would love to have you as a foster family or to help with fundraising projects. Please contact Sherry for more details on volunteering /b>

Who We Are...

We are a small rescue dedicated to saving County Pound dogs from the gas chamber and giving them a second chance in life. We would love to have volunteers join our small rescue to help make it a success.

We are located in the Akron/Cleveland, Ohio.


Click here for a list of pets at this shelter

Pet Meds Do not call the rescue, email only. All pets are in a private foster home and we do not have a shelter. APPLICATION: It is a requirement that you fill out every field. If you cannot answer, or don't know how to answer, please put in 'N/A'. Expect this application process to take a minimum of 1-2 weeks. Is there a certain dog you're interested in? If so, which one? DATE: Your Name Address City/State/Zip EMAIL: . Phone # 1. What kind of pet are you looking for? Puppy Dog Cat or Kitten ...............If interested in a puppy.......... ........A. What size do you want the dog to be when it is an adult? Small Medium Large 2. What qualities are you looking for in your dog/cat? 3. Why do you want to adopt a dog/cat? 4. When did you decide to get a dog/cat? 5. List all present and past pets you have been responsible for as an adult: Dog or Cat .............Spayed/Neutered (yes or no) .............Indoor/Outdoor/Both ..............Living or Deceased (if deceased, what was the cause?) 6. If you currently have pets, what is the name & phone # of your veterinarian? 7. List all members of your household and which one will be primarily responsible for the care of this pet? Name Age How do they feel about getting a dog? 8. Do you own or rent your home? ..Own......Rent ....If you rent........... A. Does the owner permit the type and number of pets you will have? Yes No B. What is the name and phone number of the owner? May we contact the owner? Yes No 9. What type of lifestyle do you want your dog to live? Inside Inside and outside Outside A. Where will your dog/cat stay when you are at work? B. Where will your dog/cat stay when you are at home? C. Where will your dog/cat sleep? 10. Do you have a fenced yard or exercise area? Yes No 11. Will your dog be kept on a chain or tie out? Yes No 12. How will your dog/cat be taken care of if you have to be away from home for an extended period of time (out of town on business, vacation, etc)? 13. Check any of the following reasons you would give your dog away……………………………….. Fleas ................................Getting married or divorced Allergies ..........................Chews or destroys household objects Too expensive ................. Children will no longer take care of it Having a baby .................Found a new place to live and they don't allow pets Shed too much fur ...........Other 14. Approximately how much do you think a dog/cat will cost per year? $ 15. How long do you expect a dog/cat to live? Years 16. Would you have any objections if a Tailwagger's Adoption Volunteer made a follow-up visit to the dog's/cat's new home after the adoption? ......Yes No 17. List 3 Pet References (not including your veterinarian): Name Phone This pet is eligible for a gift of the first month of ShelterCare pet insurance paid for by Petfinder.com. For more information on pet insurance please visit us online at http://www.sheltercare.com or call 1-866-375-PETS.
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