S.P.A.Y.-L.E.E. Inc (Society to Protect Animal Young - Legislation, Education, Enforcement Inc.)

Our Pet List

Who We Are

S.P.A.Y.-L.E.E Inc. is an animal welfare organization, totally comprised of volunteers and tax deductible and whose purpose is to assist pet owners and those who rescue homeless pets with referrals to the most affordable vet services for vaccinations/sterilizations. We sometimes assist with the costs for sterilizations. We have no animal shelter, but house animals in need of rehoming in foster homes of our volunteers, or in the homes of people trying to place their pets. We adopt by application, references, home visits and contract. Our contract is easily followed by responsible humans. Our adoption fee ranges from $75 to $400, largely depending on what we have spent in order to bring an animal to adoptability. There are times that we have spent hundreds to thousands of dollars on a needy but deserving animal. Of course, we cannot expect people to reimburse us for expenses that outrageous. Sometimes there is no cost expended from us and the animal comes in totally vetted and in appropriate shape. In this case, a minimal adoption fee and usually microchipping is charged to the adoptor. About half the animals we have available for adoption come to us from animal shelters We do off premesis adoptions at PetSmart stores locally, educational booths, and internet rescue with the Florida Dog Rescue list, and network with doberman rescues in the state. Since we have no shelter or business location, we are available for information or consultation at any time that someone is available to answer the phones. This includes weekends and nights.
We have approximately 75 dues paying members at any given time, and do a newsletter 2-3 times a year. Our annual meeting is in December.

Adopting a Friend

see above- we require applications, contracts, request references especially from vets if the potential adoptor had an animal or has another animal, and will do home checks. fees as discussed above.

Volunteering and Donations

We could use assistance with our offsite adoptions - at Pet Smart in Fort Myers on Six Mile Cypress on the first and third weekend of each month, the group will also be at Pet SuperMarket on the second weekend of the month in Cape Coral on Del Prado and the fourth Saturday of the month you can meet them at Harley Davidson in Fort Myers on Colonial Blvd . We house many animals in Buckingham and should anyone want to volunteer to come bathe dogs, walk dogs, clean kennels or cat rooms- let us know... As with all rescue groups - we always accept donations and as required by law- we are registered with the Dept. of Agriculture , Division of Consumers - with a solicitation permit For information: 1-800-435-7352 Our registration number is 7658

Come Visit Us!

We have no shelter location, but anyone is welcome to email for more information, or call 239-936-2727 which is a message line, or 239-939-3680 which is sometimes answered by a real human, sometimes by a machine. We are based in Lee County, Florida, southwest coastal area about 120 miles south of Tampa and 35 miles north of Naples.

S.P.A.Y.-L.E.E. Inc
P.O.Box 6577
Fort Myers FL 33911
Phone: 239-936-2727/ 939-3680
President: J.A.Piccola V.President: Jinx Ferrell Sec/Treas: Shirley Stewart Email: FlSpayLee@aol.com,or APic@aol.com

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