SOS DOGS - Yorkie and small dog rescue

SOS DOGS - Yorkie and small dog rescue

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SOS DOGS. Since 1990, SOS DOGS, a 501(c)3 non-profit rescue, has been finding loving permanent homes for small dogs (primarily yorkies, maltese and westies) whose owners can no longer keep them (usually due to no fault of the dog). We also rescue yorkies and small dogs from puppy mills and other sources. We are an advocate for these little babies, carefully screening prospective homes and selecting only the best for our fur children. We are a 501c3 registered non-profit organization, located in NJ but serving the entire mid-Atlantic region (MA to VA). All of our dogs are given needed medical treatment, altered, updated on shots and incredibly precious to us.



SOS DOGS is a RESCUE.....NOT A SHELTER!!! A rescue is a private person or group of people who work diligently, with no pay, for the good of the animals they love.  A rescue is a PRIVATE HOME and not a public place to visit.   SOS Dogs does not have a shelter facility - all of our dogs are located in various homes in various places. Our foster care program allows us to really get to know each dog in a home setting. Because these dogs are in private homes, we will make special arrangements for our APPROVED potential adopters to meet the dog he wants, if a potential match seems likely. Our mailing address is an office location only and there are no adoptable pets there. Please respect our privacy and don't "drop by." Just follow our procedure, which begins with filling out an application, and if your home is deemed right for the dog, we will arrange for you to meet the dog.. The procedure, requirements, a online application and answers to all of your questions can be found at



We primarily rehome Yorkshire Terriers, maltese and westies.


NOTHING! Yorkies and small dogs are usually given up usually because of personal problems of the owner, be it death, divorce, new baby, job change, etc. Most dogs are wonderful and just need a little time, discipline and affection to adjust to a new home (and sometimes housebreaking).

PUPPY MILL BREEDING DOGS: We also rescue breeding dogs out of puppy mills. Breeding dogs from puppy mills are WONDERFUL pets. They worship the ground you walk on because you give them warmth and love, something they've never had being in wire crates out in a field during the bitterest of winter days or hottest of summer days. So give them a decent home and they adore you and will do anything you ask.These dogs have basically been concentration camp captives. They have spent their entire lives squashed in a small wire crate with other dogs, OUTSIDE in blizzards and heat waves and hurricanes. They have no protection, no warmth, and live on wire. When we get them they have never walked, never touched grass, never been bathed or brushed, never touched or played with or talked to. Despite this, it is AMAZING how they blossom!!! We bathe them, clean their ears and teeth, do all medical required such as altering, shots and any needed surgeries, heal all of their wounds on their bodies, and then they go into our loving foster homes to heal the wounds on their psyches. They learn that being in a house is a wonderful thing, and that being warm, on a soft bed, with good food and clean water is just amazing. Our experience has been that they follow the existing dog in the foster home. By watching and following, they sometimes learn to play with toys, but not always. They ALWAYS, and surprisingly rapidly, housebreak!!!! They ALWAYS give tons of undying love and gratitude for the good life you have given them. They ALWAYS are THE most rewarding adoption you could possibly every consider.



SOS Dogs has some specific requirements to adopt. Basically you need to submit an online application and be an experienced dog owner with a vet history we can verify (including altering all of your animals and using heartworm preventative). We do a home inspection. You need to have no children under age 5, no big dogs, and not use an invisible fence, all of which can injure a small dog. Please go to our website for full information on our process and procedure. Click on ADOPT A DOG for a complete explanation of requirements, the process of adopting, an application and a read only copy of our contract. Please read our other informative pages.

SOS adoption fees ( which include all needed medical, such as altering, all shots, required surgeries, dental and heartworm) are listed with each dog, along with procedure and an application. Please visit us at

Cherry Hill, NJ (10 minutes from Philadelphia)

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