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We specialize in friendly, loving, well socialized cats and kittens.
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The purrfect cat awaits you at Pet Angel.

Starting Friday, November 23, 2007, Pet Angel Adoption began offering you the best Match possible in cats! Pet Angel Adoption & Rescue Inc., is proud to announce the launch of Feline-ality(TM), the latest addition to the ASPCA(R)'s (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals(R)) Meet Your Match(TM) constellation of adoption programs that include research-based animal behavior assessments-all aimed at increasing adoption rates, and reducing return rates at shelters, thus combating the problem of pet overpopulation in shelters today. The ASPCA(R)'s Meet Your Match(TM) is sponsored by Iams(R).

"The animals most at-risk in the companion animal world are those in shelters," said ASPCA President & CEO Ed Sayres, "and increasing and maintaining successful adoptions is an extremely critical element to providing these animals the second chance they so richly deserve." Feline-ality(TM) provides just that-a scientifically researched and proven tool for animal welfare professionals around the country to implement. "The key to developing successful adoptions lies in making good matches between adopters and pets, thus creating lasting bonds," said Dr. Emily Weiss, the ASPCA's senior director of shelter behavior programs, and researcher of ASPCA(R)'s Meet Your Match(TM). "Feline-ality(TM) is a tool that does precisely this; and everyone-adopters, shelter staff, and most of all, the cats-benefits from the program." Feline-ality(TM) identifies distinct "feline-alities" for cats, and matches them with potential adopters whose personality and lifestyle fit them best.

Meet Your Match(TM) Feline-ality(TM) uses research-based surveys and behavior assessments, both for cats and potential adopters, to make the best matches possible between the two. The cat assessment reliably predicts, based on its "feline-ality," how an individual cat is likely to behave in its new home. An adopter's survey identifies the adopter's personal preferences and lifestyle that correlate with specific feline-alities. Adopters can then look for the cats with feline-alities that would be a good fit for their household and identify them by colors and feline-ality descriptions. For example, a cat with a green color-coded description would be a "Party Animal", "MVP" or "Leader of the Band." Green cats are savvy, unflappable and adventurous. A cat with an orange classification makes a great companion kitty, and would be called a "Sidekick," "Executive" or "Personal Assistant." A cat with a purple classification is one that seeks affection, is quiet and stays out of trouble. It could be called a "Secret Admirer," "Love Bug" or "Private Investigator."

"Even if adopters chose animals outside their recommended color range, which they sometimes do, the Meet Your Match(TM) tools helped them go home with the right expectations to make a good match regardless," said Dr. Weiss. The ASPCA(R)'s Meet Your Match(TM) is the only research based method currently available to shelters nationwide that specifically combines both the adopter's preferences and the animal's behavior to create the perfect match. Nancy Engel, President of Pet Angel Adoption of Frankenmuth, recently learned about this exciting new program, at an animal welfare conference. She couldn't wait to implement it in her rescue. "You can adopt a cat or kitten, from many places, but only at Pet Angel can you use our easy program that insures your personality and the cats will match!" Engel states. "We are excited to bring this wonderful program to the people of our area!" Visit Pet Angel, and meet the cat that fits your personality!

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Our Featured Pet

Live views of our kitten room, see the kittens in action!

Check out all our adoptable cats on our adoptable pets page!

If you're interested in adopting, please fill out our pre-adoption survey!

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This past year was a big turn in year in Michigan. This means there are many more cats and kittens that need placement into a rescue than there is room. If you find yourself in a situation that requires you to surrender your owned cat or if you find a stray or two that are friendly and you wish to help, this creates a problem. You have a cat that needs help and no one has room to help it! Petfinder has a page in it's library that will help you...please paste this url into your web broser and check it out. There is a section for rehoming your own pet and for helping a stray. You can also contact as many rescues as possible (including us) and get on their wait lists. Please if you are helping a stray animal- provide it with shelter and fresh food and water while you work on rehoming it! Here's the site:

We now offer two programs for pet lovers! Our Adoption program offers many loving cats and kittens seeking forever homes. You can view their photos and stories on our Adoption page.

We also are Proud to Announce our new pet Therapy Program. The P-U-R-R-fect Companion, A Pet Therapy Program for the sick or elderly. The PURRfect Companion offers you all the benefits of cat ownership without all the hassles! You can enjoy the unconditional love and therapeutic benefits of a cat companion without all the worries and costs.

Pet Angel Adoption & Rescue Inc. will provide you with all the supplies needed to care for your new companion, for a one time fee. For a small monthly fee we also deliver cat food and litter to you. Anytime your kitty companion requires a Vet visit we will take him to the veterinarian and bring him back to you.

This includes the annual vet visit, vaccinations, etc. All Veterinarians bills are at our expense, not yours! You only need to provide daily care and lots of love and we do all the work! You will select a cat or kitten, male or female, of your choice. You can preview them and select your new friend from a variety of available cats.

All PURRfect companions are spayed or neutered; FIV/FELV tested and up to date on all shots. At the end of your contract period you may choose to renew your contract, return the cat to us, or you or a family member may choose to adopt the cat from Pet Angel Adoption & Rescue Inc. for a modest adoption fee. If you find that you are no longer able to care for your PURRfect Companion due to situations beyond your control, we will take it back and provide a new home for it.

If you are ready to share your life and your love with a PURRfect Companion, contact us today to schedule a cat or kitten showing. PURRFect Companion is a soon to be non-profit Pet Therapy Program designed for cat lovers who may:
    Be home-bound
    Have limited access to transportation
    Be living with restrictions in a home care environment
    Be utilizing hospice or homecare services
The PURRfect Companion program is only for persons in a 20 mile radius of Frankenmuth, Michigan.

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About Us

Pet Angel was founded by two neighbors who are cat owners themselves and who also care for a colony of feral (Wild) cats. Cats and kittens that find themselves in difficult situations are brought to us for help. A young cat hit by a car, a stray found starving in a field, or someone's pet that can no longer stay with it's current owner; all are welcomed into our rescue.

These sweet creatures all need someone to love them and care for them. We provide the medical care they need and lots of love too! These cats are treated like part of our families, while they are with us! They are socialized with other cats, played with by young children and loved by us all! We then give to you a part of our family and our hearts when you adopt one of our kittens or cats.

If you are looking for a new family member, then our cats and kittens are exactly what you are looking for! From our family to yours! It's now clear to us, that one of our purposes on Earth is to help these sweet animals that cannot help themselves. You too can help, by adopting a rescue or shelter animal and by making a donation to our rescue or any of the wonderful groups here on Petfinder. We are now an Incorporated 501C3 non-profit company!

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Adoption Policy


We have the purrfect one for you! Adopt one of our cats or kittens and you will learn what unconditional love feels like! Our kitties will love you forever! Our Regular Adoption fee for a cat over one year is $80, kittens 7 months to one year are $100 and kittens 6 months and younger are $130. . This fee helps pay for their shots to date, worming and FIV/FELV testing, along with their daily care.
Before adoption, you will be asked to fill out a pre-adoption survey.

Please note that many of the animals at Pet Angel come from unknown pasts. We therefore must have our vets give us their best educated guess on an animal's age and breed. We cannot guarantee either the breed or exact age of any animal adopted by us. Thank you for your understanding.

Watch these videos on the benefits of adopting an animal

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Free Vs Adopted Cat

Why should you pay an adoption fee for a kitten or cat, when you can get one for free?

There are several reasons and we would like to highlight a few for you.
    When you pick up a free animal, you probably will know nothing of it's history or if it has any illnesses.
    Free animals have never been treated for worms, fleas, or earmites and don't have any vaccinations and they haven't been tested for FIV/FELV.
    They also haven't been spayed or neutered.

    An adopted cat will come to you vaccinated, FIV/FELV tested, free of worms, fleas and earmites and in some cases will be spayed and neutered. In most cases the adoption fee doesn't cover all of this! If you were to provide all that vet care for the "free cat" it suddenly isn't free anymore.


Here's the breakdown, from our vet's pricing, which is pretty standard in our area!
    FVRCP shots (upper resp. combo. kittens require 3 total, adults only one) 37.00 Each
    Rabies shot $25.00
    FIV/FELV test $37.00
    Fecal exam $16.00, worming if needed (not included in this example, but will probably be needed)
    flea meds $12.00 a dose (2 doses required, 3 or 4 weeks apart).

Total for a kitten is $213.00 and $139.00 for an adult cat. Add in a spay for a female at $120.00 and a neuter for a young male at $60.00 and you get between $199.00 and $333.00!

Whew, and that kitten is considered "FREE"! Our adoption fee is usually $120.00! WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Plus our kittens and cats are socialized and litterbox trained! Adopt an animal, the benefits are priceless!

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Wish List

If you'd like to donate some needed items, please let us know! The cats and kittens and the volunteers are always thankful for your help!

    1. Cash Donations to pay off our huge vet bills (See address or paypal link above)
    2. Paper towel
    3. Canned cat food
    4. Cat Toys (washable ones are the best)
    5. Gift Cards to PetSmart, Kroger or Meijers
    6. Small TV with a built in DVD player
    7. Volunteers to help care for the cats or do computer work
    8. Your Prayers for continued success for our rescue!

Donate a Bed
Our cats love to sleep on Kuranda cat beds, but we don't have enough for everyone. If you would like to donate a bed at a special wholesale price for a another cat to sleep in comfort, please donate a Kuranda cat bed.

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Contact Us

Hours will vary- please call for current hours. All of our cats and kittens are in our new rescue building (380 List St. Frankenmuth). They are cared for by volunteers. Hours can vary during the month , please call for hours or to make an appointment. Please understand that we are busy families, just like you, and please call us to arrange a time to visit our rescue babies!
    Pet Angel Adoption and Rescue
    380 List Street
    Frankenmuth, MI 48734

    Phone: 989-652-0552 (Machine always on. Messages returned promptly)


Please confirm hours by calling 989-652-0552

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