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Grove City Area Pet Rescue in conjunction with Animal Friends is hosting low cost spay/neuter clinics for cats. Please call us for more information.



Rescue is only a bandaid on the overpopulation problem. Grove City Area Pet Rescue has limited space and funds, so unfortunately we can't help all the animals in need in our area.

By altering your pets, you are helping us. Please spread the word and encourage your friends, neighbors and relatives to do the same.

If you don't think you can afford it, please e-mail us or give us a call. Not all vet's charge the same. We would be happy to let you know of some vets and clinics that are reasonably priced.



Currently Grove City Area Pet Rescue is not taking anymore cats in the forseeable future. They are just too difficult to place and we feel that our efforts are better spent doing spay/neuter clinics. We will continue to take small breed dogs and puppies (small, medium and large breed) on a very limited basis.

Most people find a stray cat and then wait until it has kittens before they decide to do something about it. The time to do something about it is when the cat shows up, especially if it's a female. I've only adopted out a couple cats in the past few months. There are just too many out there and not enough responsible owners.

There are vets that are reasonably priced and there are also affordable programs out there. Please help by getting your stray cats spayed or neutered and then try to find them a home. One person cannot do it all and I need your help. Dropping an unaltered cat or kitten off at a farm is not the solution. If you need help getting a cat altered, please call but at the present time we are not taking in any new foster cats or kittens.

Grove City Area Pet Rescue is a no-kill, non-profit (501c3) organization helping stray/unwanted cats and dogs find new loving homes. We hope to start a spay/neuter program in the future in hopes of reducing the litter problem in our area. Our goal is to help as many animals as we can in Grove City and surrounding communities. There is a severe overpopulation of pets in this area and many are abandoned or surrendered by their owners. A large number of these innocent animals end up in our local high-kill shelter where they are euthanized in the gas chamber.


UPDATE: as of 5/12/06 - PLEASE READ! People wanting to adopt a pet or wanting to come see the pets that are up for adoption must fill out an application. It must be approved before we can give you an appointment to come see what we have for adoption. ON OUR ADOPTION APPLICATION, WE ASK FOR A VET REFERENCE. WE CALL YOUR VET AND ASK IF THE PETS YOU OWN OR HAVE OWNED IN THE PAST HAVE RECEIVED PROPER VET CARE. IF YOUR PETS HAVE NOT BEEN SPAYED OR NEUTERED, DO NOT APPLY TO ADOPT ONE OF OUR ANIMALS. THE ONLY EXCEPTION WOULD BE IF YOUR ANIMAL IS NOT OLD ENOUGH TO ALTER OR IF IT HAS A MEDICAL CONDITION THAT PROHIBITS IT FROM HAVING THE SURGERY. THIS, OF COURSE ,WOULD HAVE TO BE CONFIRMED BY YOUR VET. PLEASE DO NOT LIE ON THE APPLICATION. Please email us at for an application. All animals that are adopted to someone from another state must have a health certicate done by one of my vets. THIS IS THE LAW. ANIMALS CROSSING STATE LINES MUST HAVE A HEALTH CERTIFICATE. There is an extra charge of $40 (to cover exam fee and paperwork) for this and it must be paid in advance. This fee is nonrefundable. The reason for this is because we had a person from out of state that was supposed to adopt a puppy from us last year. She never showed up and the rescue had to pay for the vet exam and necessary paperwork. This certificate has the adopters name on it and can only be used for that particular person. Needless to say, the rescue was out $40. That $40 could ahve gone towards veterinary care or bought food, litter or other supplies.


Note: Our adoption fees are as follows. All animals receive a veterinary exam and are altered and current with vaccinations before their adoption.
    Puppies (12 months and younger): starts at $150
    Dogs (over 12 months): starts at $100
    Kittens and cats: starts at $75

The adoption fee for puppies and dogs includes age appropriate vaccinations, deworming and flea treatment (Advantage or Frontline), spay/neuter and heartworm testing (dogs 1 year of age or older).

The adoption fee for kittens and cats includes spay/neuter, age appropriate vaccinations, deworming, flea treatment (Advantage or Frontline) and the test for FIV/FeLV. For a short period of time, we did spay/neuter contracts for young puppies and kittens. We no longer do this. All the pets at GCAPR will be altered before they are placed. No exceptions.

All people who adopt a pet from GCAPR must sign a contract. If the adoption doesn't work out, the dog or cat must be returned to us. We prefer to adopt to homes within a 100 mile radius of Grove City, PA but will sometimes make an exception. We do not ship or transport pets to their new homes. You must pick the animal up in person. Also, you must be at least 21 years of age to adopt a pet.

If you would like an application, please e-mail the rescue at


Remember, you must fill out an application and have it approved before you come and see our foster pets. We reserve the right to refuse adopting to anyone based on our own personal observations. The animals' best interests come first. The rescue is operated from the director's home, so please no late night calls.
Grove City Area Pet Rescue
Grove City, PA 16127
Phone: 724-748-3610

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