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Labs N More Puppy Rescue is a 501(c)3 nonprofit group run by a small team of volunteers. Although we have helped many Labradors, we also help both puppies and adult dogs of many different breeds. We do have some limitations on certain breeds based on what our foster homes are comfortable with.  All of our dogs are placed in our foster care system, we do not have a facility. "

Adopting a friend

Once you decide to adopt, our adoption procedure requires an application with two personal references and a vet reference. All applicants will be screened and phone interviews conducted. Dogs will remain at the foster home until screening is complete. Potential adopters will meet the dog in the foster home. Dogs will be vet checked, have up-to-date shots, dewormed and be on heartworm and flea/tick preventative (when appropriate). All dogs over 6 months of age will be spayed or neutered prior to adoption. In many cases our puppies can be spayed or neutered early as well, but sometimes this is not in the best interest of a pup for health reasons. Unaltered puppies will be placed with a sterilization agreement. Please email labsnmorerescue@yahoo.com for more information. An application can be emailed to you in Microsoft Word format or sent via postal mail or simply click on the Adoption Application link in the navigation links.

Where Does My Adoption Fee Go?

100% of the adoption fees goes towards the dogs. No one at Labs N More is paid a salary. The majority of the fee goes towards vet care for the dogs. A portion goes to pay fees associated with running a rescue (bank fees, government paperwork filing fees, shelter and transport fees and donations to help other rescues & shelters, etc). And the little bit that is left goes into a savings account for unexpected events such as emergency vet care or additional medications that some dogs may need.


Things to Consider When Adopting a Puppy or Dog


  • In addition to your adoption fee you will have to pay for unexpected vet bills, heartworm preventative and flea/tick control.  Annual vet care is around $200-500.  Puppies/dogs also require a lot of "stuff." You'll need a crate, food, toys, etc. 
  • Puppies & Some Adult Dogs Are Not Housetrained--Be prepared for accidents. Puppies will have accidents in the house, you will need to work hard at housetraining your puppy and expect that there will be messes to clean up. Most adult dogs are housetrained but might have a few accidents when moving into a new home. 
  • Puppies Need Attention--Your puppy should not be left crated for more than 4 hours at a time. It is best to have someone who is home often, or can come home at lunch time to let your puppy out and play with him for awhile. Puppies that are crated longer can have medical and social problems. When you are home your puppy will want to be under your feet and at your side constantly, be prepared for this. In addition they may not sleep through the night for weeks or even months. The length of time an adult dog can be alone or in a crate varies so you will want to keep your schedule in mind when adopting an adult.
  • Puppies Grow Up-- Your little puppy will eventually turn into an adult dog. Can your household handle a large dog? Are you willing to love that dog for years to come, even after they aren't cuddly puppies anymore? Because your puppy will always love you and want you to return that love. Are you ready for shedding? Almost all dogs shed (no matter what breeders may claim) so be sure to stock up on clothing and furniture the same color as your puppy. 
  • Puppies & Dogs Are Full Of Love--Be prepared for hours of fun and cuddling with your puppy or dog, they will be your friend for life! 

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