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FREE RABIES CLINIC: November 3rd from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM



MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Our annual Pets with Santa picture event will take place on Saturday, November 15th, from 11am - 5pm at Camp Jefferson - 1033 Weldon Road in Lake Hopatcong. All are welcome to have their picture taken with Santa, and photo packages will be available for purchase.


Thank you to all who donated during our PathMark table donation day on 10/26/14 - we and the animals appreciate it!



Donations are always appreciated. Our wish list:


    * Cat/dog canned food

    * Kitty litter

    * Cat dry food

    * Towels & blankets

    * Cleaning supplies,bleach

    * Antibacterial hand soap

    * Disinfecting wipes

    * Small paper plates

    * Paper towels

    * Donations for veterinary care

Adopting A Friend

Advantages of adopting a shelter dog or cat

1. You'll save a life

One of the most significant benefits of adopting a shelter dog is that you are saving the life of a sentient creature that is in desperate need of a loving home. Innocent and vulnerable, she depends upon human beings for her care and well-being and will learn to trust and love her "guardians."

2. Sense of fulfillment

It is very fulfilling to save a life and watch it blossom and flourish with love, care, appreciation, and respect.

3. Improved quality of life

Rescue dogs have the ability to lift your spirits as well as improve the quality -- and increase the longevity -- of your life. The health benefits associated with adopting a companion animal like a dog are many and even scientifically substantiated. Your furry friend will benefit both your physical and emotional health.

4. Unconditional love

A rescued dog knows he has been "saved" and is grateful, loyal, and unconditionally loving. He is eager and content to become a beloved member of your family.

Adopting a rescue dog may require more time, attention, effort, and patience from an adopter than a dog that has not been abused or neglected. However, the joy and gratification to be derived from saving a dog in need are boundless.

Who We Are

The volunteers at the pound all have years of experience with handling and caring for the animals placed in our care.  Our daily routine typically starts out with greeting each animal and providing their breakfast.  Then, its off for morning exercise while their cages are cleaned and sanitized.

All animals receive a reward treat and extra kisses all day.

Come Visit Us

Thinking about visiting us?  We are more than happy to assist.  Our hours for adoption are normally 8 AM to 10 AM everyday, but we can work out a schedule to fit your needs.

Unsure if your dog will get along with one you are interested in adopting?  No problem.  Bring your dog around and our volunteers will handle the dog along side you to see how they interact.


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