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Hound Haven, like most other rescues we know, is struggling. Death, disability, divorce, the economy, and foreclosures have seriously reduced our resources. In order to maintain our no kill status and to take care of our sanctuary dogs -- those that due to health or behavioral reasons or just adopter preference (big, black, brown, elderly, etc.) aren't likely to get adopted -- we need to adopt out our adoptable dogs as soon as possible. If we don't, we will not have the resources necessary to take care of the others that aren't likely to find forever homes. Please help us find good homes for the dogs that are ready to go!


Why do I want a dog? Am I certain it isn't for selfish reasons?

Am I prepared to take full responsibility for the dog - pay for all necessary food, housing, and supplies and veterinary expenses for the dog - for the next 10 to 15 years?

If I have children, am I willing to to PERSONALLY care for the dog, whether or not my children live up to their promises and even after my children have left home?

Am I committed to keep this dog for its entire life, even though that may mean nursing it through poor health and caring for it during its eventual old age and passing on?

Am I prepared to teach this dog proper manners through gentle positive reinforcement training techniques, which may involve obedience classes and regular socialization, so it can be a well-behaved member of my household and society in general?

Will I be home on a regular basis to give the dog lots of attention during my non-working hours?

Can I accept that my home will not necessarily be as neat and clean as I'd like and that dog crates, dog beds, dog bowls, dog toys, or other signs of my dog -- to include dog hair and possibly even dog drool or other messes -- may abound?

Have I researched dog ownership to determine the best match for my circumstances in terms of breed or mix, age, size, sex, temperament, etc.?

If you can't honestly answer "yes" to all the above questions, please don't adopt a dog until you can ...

Who We Are

We are a group of private foster homes dedicated to giving displaced dogs that wouldn’t otherwise have one a chance. Our adoption fees only partially offset the costs related to our fosters; the rest is funded out of our own pockets. We do not take in a dog unless we are personally prepared to keep it for life – even if it never finds a forever home other than ours – so we are limited in the number of dogs we can accommodate at any given time. Our policies and procedures for pets listed on this site, to include adoption fees and contact information, will vary from pet to pet depending on his / her individual circumstances and foster parent(s), but we are all dedicated to matching the right pet(s) to the right person(s) for life.

Adopting a friend

We use the following Petfinder guidelines for classifying the ages & sizes of our fosters:

Age Guidelines:

Baby 0 – 6 months

Young 6 – 24 months (2 years)

Adult 2 – 8 years

Senior >8 years

Size Guidelines:

Small 0 – 25 lbs.

Medium 26 – 50 lbs.

Large 51 – 100 lbs.

Extra Large 100+ lbs.


You must:

Be at least 21 years of age and have the agreement of all adult family members in the household on the pet to be adopted.

Own your home and not be prohibited by any local restrictions from having the specific pet requested, or, if renting, have you landlord’s permission to adopt the type pet requested (breed or mix of breeds, size, weight, etc.); we must be able to verify this permission directly with your landlord. We highly recommend checking with your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance to ensure it will cover your prospective adoptee.

Agree your adopted dog will live inside as an unconditionally loved companion / family member; our dogs are NOT to be used for guard or protection purposes and are not to be relegated to living outside. Whether or not your particular adoptee may be kept / allowed outside when no one is home will be determined on a case by case basis, but under NO circumstances are our dogs to be tethered / chained.

Agree to provide nutritious food, fresh water, and temperate shelter at all times and veterinary care as needed for routine exams, vaccinations, parasite & heartworm preventives, dental needs, illnesses / injuries, and geriatric concerns. If you currently have other dogs and / or cats, they must be spayed / neutered and up to date on vaccinations and heartworm preventive treatment; we will need to verify this with your current veterinarian.

Have a fenced yard OR an available area in which to safely and routinely walk and exercise your pet even in inclement weather and agree to keep your pet on a leash when not in a secure, fenced area, and, for certain power breed dogs, agree to NEVER have your dog off leash in public. Whether or not your fencing is secure enough to allow off lead walks / exercise will be determined on a case by case basis considering the needs of the particular dog.

Agree to keep a collar with identification on your dog at all times (microchipping DOES NOT substitute for having a collar with visible I.D.).

Agree to keep us informed of any changes in your contact information (e-mail, physical & mailing addresses and phone numbers) so that we can get in touch with you if necessary and to IMMEDIATELY notify us if your adoptee is lost, stolen, or deceased.

Agree to contact us and to surrender the adoptee back to us if at any time you can no longer take care of the dog according to our general adoption policies.

For “POWER BREEDS”, you must additionally agree (unless otherwise noted in your adoption contract):

They will not be left alone outside unattended under ANY circumstances.

They will ALWAYS be supervised by an ADULT (age 25 or older).

They will always be on a short lead when in public (even in “dog parks”; although we DO NOT recommend taking “power breeds” to “dog parks”) and cannot be loose, even in their own yard, unless enclosed in an inescapable fence that keeps them in and everything else out. Be aware that most “power breeds” can dig under, climb or jump over, bite or chew through, or otherwise manage to destroy and / or escape most types of conventional fencing, to include wooden privacy and chain link.

In general, “power breeds” should not be adopted by homes with frail adults, small children, or other pets (particularly if the other pets are smaller and / or of the same sex).

“Power breeds” are wonderful family members in the right homes under the right circumstances, but they do require more care, attention, training, supervision, and often expense (in terms of higher home and / or renter’s insurance, among other things) than other canine rescues. Please consider carefully whether or not a “power breed” is right for you and your family for now and throughout the dog’s anticipated lifespan.

ADOPTION FEES will vary from pet to pet based on its individual circumstances. For reference purposes, the general adoption fee, unless otherwise noted, is usually around $150. In general, purebreds and crosses are more expensive to adopt as they tend to require more vetting, and older and special needs dogs are less expensive to adopt. Fees are waivable under certain circumstances at the foster parent's discretion so long as we believe the adopter can afford the long term expenses inherent with pet ownership. If you believe you can provide an appropriate forever home but can't afford the adoption fee at the moment, please feel free to contact us to discuss.


Please note that our average cost of checking and treating for internal parasites, including heartworm, is approximately $45, our average cost for inoculations is approximately $40 (with an initial and a booster series recommended at a minimum plus the required rabies vaccine), our average cost of a spay or neuter is $50+ depending on size, and our usual cost of microchipping & registration is $15. These expenses do not include any additional medications or testing such as might be necessary to diagnose and / or treat various wounds, injuries, infections, etc., nor do they include the ongoing expenses of parasite prevention (fleas, ticks, internal parasites such as intestinal worms and / or heartworm, etc.) or the expenses of food, bedding, toys, treats, collars, leads, crates, etc.

All of these costs have previously been borne by the foster parent(s), and adoption fees are necessary so that foster parent(s) can afford to assist the next rescue that comes his / her way and / or take care of other fosters that have not gotten adopted.

Many of these expenses will also be necessary prior to adoption or on a recurring basis afterward, so please consider them carefully when determining your ability to afford a pet.


(1) Check out Adoptable Pet List, but feel free to contact us if you don’t see what you’re looking for as we are often behind on our postings and have more dogs available than are listed. Also, we sometimes have sighthounds (danes, greyhounds, whippets, italian greyhounds) available to experienced owners (they are usually either special needs or in rehab, although we occasionally have "normal" ones) -- feel free to inquire about them if you are interested. If you can tell us in general what type of dog you want (in terms of age, size, temperament, breed, etc.), we may be able to suggest additional possibilities from within our or other rescue groups.

(2) Review our General & Power Breed Adoption Policies, as applicable, above.

(3) Contact us and request an Adoption Application; complete it, and forward it to us.

(4) Once we review your application, if we think a match is possible, we’ll contact you to discuss and arrange a meeting or home visit.

(5) If the meeting or home visit goes well and we agree a placement is in everyone’s best interest, the trial adoption period will start IMMEDIATELY unless arranged otherwise in advance. NOTE: Adoption fees are due at the time of initial placement and are non-refundable after the trial period unless otherwise arranged in advance.

(6) If the trial adoption period goes well, we’ll finalize the adoption and give you the necessary paperwork to register your new family member’s microchip in your name if possible; sometimes animals come in already chipped, and, under those circumstances, we will do our best to facilitate reregistration of the chip.

Come Visit Us!

Because we have no centralized shelter, it is not possible to visit us. However, we'll be glad to arrange a meeting once we have your approved adoption application on file; please contact us via e-mail at Hound.Haven@Gmail.Com and you'll get a blank one that can be completed and sent back at the bottom of the automatic reply you'll receive. Applications can be submitted via e-mail or snail mail; unfortunately, we do not have fax capabilities.

Please note meetings take a considerable amount of our limited time and resources (bathing and getting the pet & paperwork ready, traveling (our foster homes are scattered throughout central and south Texas, so meetings are often 50-100 miles away, and travel is stressful for some dogs), etc.), so we need to reserve meetings for cases where an adoption is likely. All our foster parents have full time jobs and families and must fit their rescue activities in with their other responsibilities, and it is very disappointing to have a meeting only to discover the prospective adopter was not ready to adopt. We don't expect you to have made a final decision before requesting a meeting (particularly where children and other pets or special needs fosters are involved), but we do request you be past the "shopping" phase of your search for a new family member and have determined the foster pet you are meeting is, as best you can tell, "the one" for you. We are not resourced for multiple meetings, so, unless other arrangements have been made in advance, it is our expectation that, if all goes well, meetings are followed IMMEDIATELY by the trial adoption period.

Please use the contact information for each pet listed to request more information or an adoption application; this is critical as we also have courtesy postings for other groups listed and we do not maintain information other than that posted on their dogs ~ THANK YOU!

Hound Haven & Friends Adoptions

San Antonio, TX & Surrounding Areas (we adopt to Austin, Houston, D/FW, throughout Texas, and out of state as well as locally)

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