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German Shepherd/All Dog Rescue of St. Louis

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Looking for a German Shepherd or a Beagle near St. Louis? Call 314-965-7075 today!!!

Although we don't always have German Shepherds available for adoption, we network with many folks, some online, some not, and may be able to direct you to one immediately.

If you feel you must remove your animal from your home, contact the organization from which you adopted it and return it to that organization.

GSDR is currently limiting the number of animals available for rescue as it concentrates its efforts on home visits of prior adoptions, as well as assisting other organizations in homing rescued dogs. GSDR is committed to ensuring the health and welfare of our rescue dogs by checking on them periodically throughout their lives. All GSDR dogs and their owners need to attend obedience school to learn to work together.

GSDR would be glad to respond to your inquiries about German Shepherds available for adoption in the St. Louis area. Please call 314-965-7075 if you are interested in a German Shepherd and if we do not have any available for adoption, we will attempt to direct you to another St. Louis area rescue organization with German Shepherds available for adoption.

Visit our friends at the Canine Center on Manchester in Rock Hill between Berry Rd. and McKnight Rd. for all your animal care needs.
They have a FABULOUS grooming department!


German Shepherd Dog Rescue is a non-profit all-volunteer organization that rescues purebred German Shepherds, Beagles and other cute dogs, mixed breeds and purebreds of all sizes from area shelters. We spay or neuter all our dogs, check them for heartworm, worm them, bath them, give them all their shots, microchip them, treat them with flea and heartworm preventative and see to any other health concerns. Volunteers care for them in their home. When they go home with their new owners, our dogs also take with them a six-month supply of heartworm pills, a collar, training collar, leash, book on dog care, calendar and other information.

Monetary donations used wisely. Ask your tax adviser about deducting your donation to GSDR from your taxes.

Missouri not-for-profit corporation. Missouri sales/use tax exempt. IRS 501(c)(3) tax exempt. All volunteer.


The $300 adoption fee covers the cost of the following while in our care: spay/neuter, microchipping, all shots to this age, worming, preventative flea treatment if needed, surgeries, etc. All of our rescue animals are sent home with a six month supply of heartworm pills, leash, collar, book and more! Adoption in the St. Louis area only. GSDR does not normally adopt to families with children under the age of six.

We take back our dogs if their owners are unable to continue caring for them. Adoption involves an application, interview and contract. We do not normally adopt to people with children under age six.
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German Shepherd Dog Rescue of St. Louis, Inc.
PO Box 260072
St. Louis, MO 63126

Phone: (314) 965-7075

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