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Sanctuary Dogs

Please consider making a donation to contribute to the support of our beloved Sanctuary Dogs

We have German Shepherds who have been in our program more than a year & will likely spend their entire lifetime with us.

Sanctuary dogs have come from puppy mills, suffered extreme trauma, neglect &/or major health issues which have inhibited their attraction as adoptable pets.
We will insure they live out the rest of their lives as comfortable as possible.

Thanks to our Benefactors

Your continued support of our mission to rescue, rehab & rehome German Shepherds in need is deeply appreciated by our volunteers & especially the dogs. Your assistance will allow us to keep saving these wonderful canine companions. We couldn't do it without you. Thanks so much for your contributions for the health & welfare of the dogs in our care.

Our wish list includes food (lamb & rice or chicken & rice - Diamond brand preferred) canned food, Certifect (flea & tick prevention), Adams shampoo, Preventic collars, Dasiquin & fish oil capsules.

Contact Us via Email:

As we are a volunteer group, we do NOT have a shelter. ALL of our dogs are fostered in private homes - some homes have a lot of dogs, some have only one foster dog. For the privacy of our volunteers, we do not give out their home addresses. APPROVED adopters will be contacted and arrangements will be made to have them meet our rescued GSDs.

Pre-Adoption Application

Copy and paste all of the application below into Word or directly into a your email response. Complete all information requested. If Word, save the document and attach it to your email.

Thank you for your interest in adopting a rescued German Shepherd. The following is a pre-adoption application that all of our potential adopters must complete. This completed survey assists in securing the best possible home for the animals in our care. You must be a legal adult (18yrs or older) to submit an application. This is a legal document. To speed the review process, please answer every question to prevent a delay in processing.

Thank you for taking the time to help us find the best GSD for your home as well as the best home for each GSD.

Good Shepherd Rescue & Sanctuary of Texas - Pre-Adoption Application


Adult 1
Phone - Home:
Phone - Cell:
Phone - Work:
e-mail address:
Date of Birth (Mo / Yr):
Adult 2
Phone - Cell:
Phone - Work:
e-mail address:
Date of Birth (Mo / Yr):
Ages of minor age children living at or frequently visiting your home:
Address (Physical Address - No PO Boxes):
City / ST / Zip:
County (e.g. Collin, Dallas, Tarrant, etc):
How long have you lived at this address:
Type of home - house, apartment, duplex, condo, mobile home, farm:
Do you Own or Rent:
If you rent:
... Name of Landlord:
... Building / Property name:
... Landlord's address:
... Landlord's phone number:
... What is the pet weight limit at the rental property?
... Are there any "breed restrictions" at the rental property?
... Are German Shepherds among the "restricted breeds"?
Home Environment:
Do you have a yard?
Is it fenced?
... What type of fencing do you have?
... How tall?
... Are there any weak spots in the fence?
... If the yard is not fenced, what type of confinement do you plan to provide?
Will the pet be chained?
Is this pet going to be inside, outside, or both?
Will the pet spend most of the time inside or outside?
Where will the pet sleep?
Will anyone be home during the day?
... Who?
How much time will you spend per day with the pet?
Does anyone in your household have allergies to animals?
... What kinds of animals? (cats, dogs, etc)
If you go on vacation, what will you do with your pet?
Are you planning to move?
... Even if you are not currently planning on moving, what will happen to the pet if you ever move?

Veterinarian Who Has Seen Your Current & Former Pet(s):

Name of Vet :
Name of Clinic:
City / State:
Phone number:
If you are not currently a client, when were you last a client?
Name(s) of pet(s) this vet has seen:

Personal Reference 1

Phone Number:
How do you know this reference?

Personal Reference 2

Phone Number:
How do you know this reference?

German Shepherd You Would Like To Adopt:

Why do you want a German Shepherd vs another breed?
What are your preferences for:
... Gender (M / F):
... Age:
... Size:
... Personality / Qualities you are looking for (i.e. protective, loyal, athletic, low energy, high energy, ball-drive, etc):
Which GSD(s) are you interested in?
Why do you feel this GSD would be best suited for your home?
What type of animal are you looking for (companion, house pet, guard dog, gift)?

German Shepherd Experience:

Have you ever owned German Shepherds?
What is your familiarity with the behavior characteristics of a German Shepherd?

CURRENT pets - Copy & Repeat This Section For EACH PET

Type of Animal:
Breed / size:
# of years owned:
Male / Female:
Spayed / Neutered:
Current on vaccinations?
Current on heartworm preventative (dogs only)?
Inside / Outside:

PREVIOUS pets - Copy & Repeat This Section For EACH PET

Type of Animal:
Breed / size:
# of years owned:
Male / Female:
Spayed /Neutered:
Current on vaccinations?
Current on heartworm preventative (dogs only)?
Inside / Outside:
What happened to pet?

The Rest:

Are you familiar with the local animal control ordinances in the area in which you reside?
Are you aware of the cost involved in maintaining this pet for his / her lifetime? (approx 14 years)
Will this pet be on heartworm preventative?
... If not, why not?
Have you adopted an animal from a humane society / shelter?
... If yes, When?
... What kind of animal?
Have you ever taken an animal to a humane society / shelter?
... If yes, Why & When?
... What kind of animal?
Have you ever given away or sold an animal?
... If yes, Why & When?
... What kind of animal?

By submitting this application, I hereby certify that the information on this application is true.

Who We Are

We are a volunteer group operating in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. All of our dogs are in foster homes (private homes of volunteers). We do NOT have a shelter.
One of the advantages of having our rescued GSDs in private homes is that we know how they react inside our foster homes, not how they "might" react in a home setting (as is an issue with dogs that have been "warehoused" in a shelter or at large kennels).

Our volunteers give freely of their time, money, and affection to save these animals. Please keep in mind that they are ALL volunteers - no one gets paid, and we all have full-time jobs, families, and lives too. Please be patient if we cannot answer you immediately - we do strive to respond within 24-48 hours to all inquiries.

German Shepherds (GSDs) are loving & loyal companions, who provide comfort & security to those privileged enough to share their friendship & love. All of our rescued GSDs are spayed or neutered, are current on vaccinations & are tested for heartworms, lyme disease, &ehrlichia. Dogs who test positive for any of these or are ill / injured, are treated. All of our animals are on heartworm preventative. Most are micro-chipped

Adopting a friend

Please contact us at the email address provided. Everyone involved with this group is a volunteer. To insure their privacy, we do not give out their home telephone numbers.

ALL prospective adopters MUST complete our pre-adoption application . It is a short form that asks some basic questions to help us find the best possible match for each GSD and each home. Once we have received and reviewed your application, arrangements will be made to visit with the dogs.

400.00 - Purebred Puppy
350.00 - Purebred Adult
250.00 - Purebred Senior (7 & older)
250.00 - Mixed Breed Puppy
Fees are used to offset the cost of providing medical care (spay / neuter, vaccinations, bloodwork, testing for various diseases / parasites & subsequent treatment) for each dog.

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