Central Minnesota Animal Care And Control

1021 S. Benton Drive
Sauk Rapids MN, 56379

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Our Shelter:
Central Minnesota Animal Care And Control serves the municipalities,
and their communities, of the Central Minnesota area.

Services Include, But Not Limited To:
24 Hour municipal access
In house animal sheltering
Emergency animal control field work
Animal emergency assistance
Animal cruelty/neglect investigation assistance
Animal adoptions
Animal licensing and ordinance enforcement
Animals that have bitten, rabies quarantine
Rabies suspect processing for testing
*Surrenders. -Please call for availability.

Adoption Information:
All adoption fees include tax!
All adoptions are on a first-come, first-served basis. We do not place animals on 'hold'.

Services Offered To Public:
Animal Trap Rental
Animal Adoptions
Pet Supplies, Accessories

Animal Vaccinations, Surgeries, and Check-Ups Available
through an on-site veterinary clinic: "Sauk Rapids Veterinary Care"
Please Call 320-257-2209 to make appointments. (Please do NOT call CMACC)

Reasons Municipal Authorities Bring Animals To Us:
Stray animals
Abandoned animals
Neglected/abused animals
Hoarding cases
Exotics not allowed by ordinance
Car accidents, with animals involved
DWI cases with animals involved
Emergencies where police are left with animals when owner
is not available or cannot care for animals, such as fires and medical emergencies.
Animal bite cases
Dangerous animals
Animals present at crime scenes, and/or related to crimes and animal fighting
Animals left in hot cars or left out in the cold/heat.
Feral cats

We will accept any donations that directly impact the health, welfare and safety of the city of St. Cloud stray animals.
These donations are accepted by CMACC on behalf of the City of St. Cloud. If you may have something to donate,
please feel free to call. 320-257-0103

Business Hours

12 pm to 4 pm
Monday through Friday, (closed city holidays)


Central Minnesota Animal Care And Control
1021 S. Benton Drive
Sauk Rapids, MN 56379



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