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Once again, we have a Giving Tree at The Pine Cone Gift Shoppe on Cleveland Ave. in Uniontown, Ohio Stop in and help fill our stockings with a needed item or make a donation in the amount of the item. Check out all the wonderful items in the store while you are there.

I recently spoke at the Malone College World Forum regarding Faith, Creation, Stewardship....and Cats. You can find a video link on the Malone Home page World Forum.

Stop out and visit us at the Canton Ballet Muttcracker! Sunday November 16 from 1 -3 at the Cultural Center for the Arts Studio 4 1001 Market Ave. N. Next to the Civic Center on the Cleveland Ave. side of the building.

We are currently trying to raise funds for the CCFF Recovery and Rehabilitation Center. This will not be a shelter but a dedicated area to house ferals after surgery and/or rehabilitate sick/injured cats. To donate, please click on the link. CCFF Recovery and Rehabilitation Center

CCFF has recently been involved in the relocation of a large number of cats from a property. Owners were unwilling to allow TNR and threatened to have them taken to Animal Control or shoot them. We do not advocate relocation but sometimes there is no other choice. All but 6 of the cats have been relocated to southern Ohio and are doing well. 6 have been moved to a local farm. All cats have been spayed/neutered and vaccinated for rabies before release. One cat was clearly not feral and we have kept him to work with him. His name is Bear and you can read about him and see his progress on our FB page. UPDATE on Bear...he has tested positive for FIV and also has an ulcerated eye and entropion. He will remain with CCFF and enjoy the life he so deserves.

One of our previous TNR kitties found herself with a severely injured hind leg. She desperately needed re-trapped but was in such pain and afraid, she would have nothing to do with the trap. We spent two weeks trying to get her. FINALLY!!!! Shyne has been caught and had her leg amputated. She is recovering nicely and will be returned to her caretaker and now enjoy a life inside forever. She has turned out to be a very grateful cat and very open to contact. Thank goodness!!!! You can check out her progress and pics/videos on our facebook page. CCFF Facebook CCFF paid for her surgery/recovery, if you would like to donate to Shyne you can do so through the mail or through Paypal using the address

WE HAVE KITTENS!!! Although we do not have kittens listed on our Petfinder page, we are being contacted daily by people with kittens in need of homes. Pictures are posted on our facebook page when people send them. I am glad to network them. If you are looking for something specific, we know of many cats/kittens in need.

CCFF was contacted by a woman who had her cats removed from her temporary home (after losing her home) merely for being over the limit of 5 in the City of Canton. We were able to help her gain legal assistance, get her cats returned and raised $200.00, $50.00 in gas cards, pet store and restaurant gift cards as well to help her get to her new home out of state. Cats in Canton

CCFF has had our second RAT RESCUE! "Al" was rescued from Katie Joe's Plant Stand on 11th and Wertz in Canton, Ohio. The owner Lori was kind enough to seek out someone to rescue an obviously domestic rat who had taken up residence under a pallet. He is now safe and sound and putting some weight on. They make wonderful pets! If you stop in for some beautiful plants, be sure to tell her "Al" sent you! You can check out his pics on our FB page.


Stop in The Pine Cone Gift Shoppe 11742 Cleveland Ave NW, Uniontown, OH 44685 (330) 497-9840 to drop off any donated items. Don't forget to pick up a couple handmade black feral cat catnip toys. Each purchase helps the CCFF kitties and cats love them! We use Purina Cat Chow, Purina Kitten Chow, Purina One , Friskies canned (any variety), pee pads, Tidy Cat SCOOPABLE litter, bleach, laundry detergent, paper towels, furry baby blankets or anything else you think the kitties would enjoy.

We are now participating in the Fresh Step Cat Litter Paw Points Program. If you use this particular brand of litter, please sign up and donate your points to CCFF. Thanks for spreading the word.

Do you shop on Amazon? Now you can make a donation to CCFF just by shopping! Choose Cripple Creek Ferals and Friends on Amazon Smile as your charity of choice and we will receive a donation. It doesn't get much easier than that!

Yet another way to give to CCFF just by shopping!! I Give is a great site! Follow the link and CCFF will receive a donation when you shop! Please share with your friends! Go to Shop for CCFF

Feline Snoozers Cat Towers and Beds

Feline Snoozers are great for the kitties and easy to keep clean. This is especially important with special needs kitties like Robert who was run over deliberately and has incontinence issues. Check out their website and see how you can donate.

Cripple Creek Ferals and Friends is proud to be a Partner for Pets! BISSELL and have teamed up to help organizations like ours raise money, and now you can help too! When you purchase pet products on and enter the code ADOPT at checkout, a portion of your purchase will be donated to our organization! Itís simple. ∑ Shop pet products on Find a Bissell product

∑ Enter the code ADOPT at checkout ∑ Then select our organization! Learn more at Learn more about the program

Cripple Creek has a Facebook page! If you don't find the kitty you are looking for on our Petfinder page, please check the FB page. There are many available and adorable animals in need listed. Be sure to click and "like" the page to keep up with our activities and available animals. CCFF Facebook


Are you looking for a way to help AND promote your business and love for animals? For 30.00, you can sponsor a spay/neuter. Your $30.00 will cover the cost of a spay/neuter for a feral cat. In return, your business will be featured next to a photo of the cat you sponsored. As you know, animal people are passionate and support animal friendly businesses. A great way to advertise AND help the animals. Contact for more info.

Show the world your love for animals and in the process help them. Your purchase of a special Pet Friendly license plate provides funds for education, spay/neuter for low income families and for dogs/cats from qualifying agencies. Pet Friendly Plates

Many of you from the area recognize this historic home in Greentown. Historic Home 6 kitties were taken from the home when left in foreclosure. Only Edison remains and would love to find a home of his own.

Cripple Creek Feral and Friends (CCFF) is a nonprofit (501c3) Ohio corporation dedicated to promoting animal welfare, and caring for animals in need. Its primary place of business is in Lake Twp., Ohio. .

Canton Rep Article Today, Jan. 28, 2013, I received a letter from the Vice President of the Stark County Humane Society, Brian L. Zimmerman revoking my membership.

CCFF is teaming up with Franks Ferals to provide Trap/Neuter/Return seminars (free of charge) held at One of a Kind Pets in Akron. Check with the clinic or on this page for updated schedule. Hope to see you there.

Our Featured Pet...

13 cats were rescued after 40 others were taken and euthanized by local shelter. Here are their pictures on the first night. Seizure Cats HERE ARE SOME UPDATED PHOTOS OF THE CATS. THEIR PERSONALITIES ARE COMING THROUGH AS THEY BECOME MORE COMFORTABLE, WHAT NICE DESERVING CATS! All but 4 have been adopted!! Newer pics

Ms. Kitty....a stray missing an eye with a huge tumor. Photos of Ms. Kitty and her surgery (WARNING...GRAPHIC) can be seen here. Ms. Kitty UPDATE OCT. 27, 2012......Unfortunately Ms. Kitty's cancer had progressed to the point that she was no longer comfortable and was relieved of her suffering. What an impact this little cat had on me in just over 2 short months. Thank you to everyone who contributed to her care.

Evergreen Trailer Park Evergreen Pics Update June 5.....2 more kittens rescued, there is a third we cannot find. Will have pics and info posted soon on who is what, etc... .******UPDATE*****.As of June 1, 2012... 21 cats/kittens have been trapped. The last one this evening was the one I wanted the most! He has a broken tail from someone deliberately running him over. It is in VERY bad shape. He will be tested and evaluated for what can be done for him. Robert "Robert" has had his tail amputated and has been neutered. He has tested positive for FIV, as did my BobCat (my mascot). Robert is able to live a quite normal life with other cats. This disease is transmitted through deep bite wounds, not casual contact through grooming or shared food bowls. What a loving, grateful cat Robert is!!! Out of 21 cats, we have 6 remaining from the Evergreen Trailer Park.


Photos of Rattie Tat, an abandoned rat CCFF rescued. Rattie Tat

Rubbermaid offers special pricing for containers used to make feral cat shelters. See website for info and instructions. Feral Cat Shelter

Thank you for all of your support and donations following the wonderful article in the Canton Repository. A link to the story is below. It is so nice to know there are caring people who are willing to help the helpless animals out there!

Rep Article

We seem to be having problems with the email link. If you have requested an application/information, please type in the address rather than using the link. Email to

If you are utilizing your own or local veterinarian for spaying/neutering a feral cat, please make sure they are aware it is feral. Make sure they do not try to handle it and make sure they use disolvable sutures. We highly recommend using One of a Kind Pets in Akron for your feral surgeries. Feral packages are available for $30.00 per cat, they must be in a live trap. Drop off Monday 9-3 and Tues. Wed. Thurs. 9 -4 Price includes spay/neuter, rabies and ear tip. No appointment needed for ferals. 330-865-6890 One of a Kind


PLEASE....if you are feeding a stray, take the initiative and get it fixed BEFORE your problem escalates! One of a Kind offers low cost surgeries or I can put you in touch with other alternative mobile clinics. I cannot take in animals BUT I can post and network your animal in need. They MUST be fixed in order to do so. Thanks for doing your part!


Greentown Cats Pics

Rep Article Greentown

The above links tell the story of a recent rescue. All but 7 of the 25 cats have been placed and are doing well in their new homes.

WHERE ARE MY DONATIONS GOING? I want to assure you that ALL donations go toward the spay/neutering, vetting and care of the animals in my rescue. They also go to assist those in need. Donations of food (dry and canned) and scoopable litter are also very much appreciated. CCFF continues to help the people with large colonies of cats by providing food to them when we have it.

Smokey and Mango, two kitties we helped. Smokey had a deformed leg that had to be amputated... Smokey and Mango UPDATE April 11, Smokey and Mango returned to their home with all kinds of new toys and a nice scratching post donated by ZiffyCat Condos. In return for the help with their cats, the owners have donated bags of food back to the lady caring for the 27 cats that we fixed earlier.

Who We Are

"I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And I will never let what I can not do interfere with what I can do."

Edward. E. Hale

I am one individual trying to do my part in helping homeless and helpless animals find their forever home. I do NOT have a shelter so I am unable to accept animals from individuals. I will accept your animals information and network with others to help place it. Please understand, I am doing my best to help those that call but I can't always be of assistance. I do try! All of my time, gas, supplies are donated because spay/neuter is a cause that I so strongly believe in. All trapping/transporting/recovery is done in between operating three businesses as well as caring for my own animals/home.

I have a soft spot for special needs animals and will do my best to help with them. Not limited to dogs and cats.

Donations are always welcome!! Donations can be made conveniently through PayPal at Gift cards to help with the purchase of food and litter or gas cards to help with transportation costs for spay/neutering. All animals are altered using One of a Kind Clinic in Akron. Never think that any amount is too small...1 dollar buys 2 cans of cat food!

Adopting a friend

ALL animals adopted through Cripple Creek Ferals and Friends will be altered PRIOR to adoption. Adoption contracts and applications are required. Applications will be reviewed in order to place the pet in the best possible home. Cripple Creek adoptables have come from less than perfect situations and I want to ensure they never have to worry about being homeless and hungry again. If for any reason an animal does not work out, CCFF stipulates the animal be returned.

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