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Lost your Pet? Don't see him or her here? Be sure to call the shelter to see if we have him/her but have not posted the picture yet, nor do we post pictures of injured or sick animals. While you speaking to the shelter, ask to complete a lost report and check back here often as we add new animals daily.

Carrollton Animal Adoption Center

"Working in partnership with the community to create a safe, healthy and caring environment for animals and people."

The mission of Carrollton Animal Services is to become the premier provider of municipal animal care and control services. Animal Services staff is dedicated to building long term relationships with our customers through education and fair enforcement practices. By teaming with non-profit agencies we will balance our efforts to protect public health and safety with our commitment to rescuing stray and/or abandonded animals creating pride for both our staff and our customers.

Carrollton Animal Adoption Center is NOT A "No Kill" facility"

If you see an animal on our adoption list please inquire about him/her as soon as possible.

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Our Shelter Hours are:

Monday,Wednesday and Fridays.....10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Tuesday and Thursday.....................10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Saturdays..........................................1:30 pm - 5:00 pm
Closed Sundays and Holidays


If more than one person, is at the shelter when we open for the same animal a lottery will be held, with all interested parties. The winning number will be pulled at random and that person will have first opportunity to adopt the animal. If there is more than one of the desired animal, than a new number will be drawn until all the animals have been spoken for. No one person may adopt more than one of the animals, unless there is no one else waiting.

$10.00 Adoption fee
$ 5.00 City Registration (Carrollton Residents Only)
$15.00 Total for residents and $10.00 total for non-residents


Once you have selected an animal:

Adults Animals-

A Carrollton Animal Service Officer will deliver your new pet to a veterinarian of your choosing, within the Carrollton city limits to be altered and receive a rabies vaccination. You will then pick up your new pet from the Doctor's Office and take him/her home to enjoy a wonderful life with him/her. The cost of the procedures is the responsibility of the adopter

Puppies & Kittens-

If the Animal is under four months of age, the adopter would sign a contract agreeing to have the animal altered and recieve a rabies vaccination by a specified date (when the animal is four months old). The cost of the procedure and the vaccinations is completely up to the adopter .

Altered Animals

In some cases an animal may have been altered by a previous owner. If this is the case the animal will be delivered to a local veterinarian to recieve a rabies vaccination. The adopter would then pick the animal up form the veterinarian's office.

Come Visit Us! From 35E North or South or George Bush Turnpike

Take the Sandy Lake rd exit, and go west on Sandy lake rd. we are aprox 1/4th mile from George Bush on the left Side of the road.

From any place in Carrollton
Take Keller Springs/Whitloch/Sandylake (all the same road) west under I35, and Under George Bush the new shelter is aprox 1/8th mile after George Bush.

Map to our Shelter

Carrollton Animal Services
2247 Sandy lake Rd

Carrollton, TX 75006
Phone: 972-466-3420

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