Our Adoptable Pets

Happy tails




We built a Labyrinth this month, which all the dogs seem to enjoy ~

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The sweetest and most generous girls donated all the $dollars from cookie sales to us. and are sponsoring our newest resident Spanky. Thanks sooooooooooooo much Madden, Margaret, Riley, Phoebe, Bethany, Avery B, Heidi, Sofia, Grace, Augustine, Avery R, Laila and troop leaders, Gretchen and Amy.


Camelot Puppy Sanctuary and our sister Kitty Sanctuary, Poplar Creek,(with Denise at the helm) houses and cares for a minimum of 50 animals at a time. We also support, share resources. network and volunteer with many other benevolent folks, who help us create the most optimum chances for our dogs and kitties to find good homes.

Some of these groups are Faithful Forgotten Best Friends of Columbus, who provide food for the pets of homeless folks.

2nd Chance Companions, who help us place some of our dogs into the Prison Program in Lancaster, Stop the Suffering and their volunteers who pull and place dogs at the Perry County Pound(among other pounds)who are at greatest risk of death. We have committed to many older, hard to place old timers, who come here to live out their lives. We are very invested in allowing these old timers quality Hospice care and a natural process of transition into non-physical.


Over the Hills at Camelot, one can see that winter is on the horizon....we can tell because we have traded piles of leaves for piles of puppies. We are always working on better housing for mothers and pups and excited about helping them get a great start on their next new adventures. This includes feeding a Natural raw diet, lots of exercise and learning social skills.

The generosity we receive means the world to us. We are given food and beds and blankets without which we would hardly be able to do this work. But winter brings special challenges from heat to vet bills to special warmer quarters for the old and infirm