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Think occasionally of the suffering, of which you spare yourself the sight. Albert Schweitzer


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Who We Are

Benji's Buddies is a non-profit (501c3) organization dedicated to the rescue and placement of pets into permanent, loving homes. This is our primary mission.

Benji's Buddies was founded by a small group of volunteers who value every pet and believe in their unique individuality and their ability to enrich the lives of others.

We believe that adopting a pet is a lifetime commitment and that no matter what turns life may take, the responsibility and obligation to that pet as a family member should remain constant. Pets are NOT disposable! They are living beings who feel love, fear and loss. Too often in rescue work, we see the result of human cruelty and negligence. These pets are desperate to be loved though their trust has been broken. We feel they deserve better!

We seek adoptive families who understand the meaning of this commitment and want to give a home to a pet in need. By home, we mean a place of love and security...for the rest of their lives. These are the lucky few who have been saved from the sad fate that 1200 pets a week find in Maricopa County alone. It is a terrible statistic. But with your help, in saving just one at a time, we can all make a difference!

Making the Commitment

These rescued pets are the truest friends and companions you'll ever know. If you give them unconditional love, they will give it back ten fold. But it takes more than love. Having a pet in your life takes time, patience, dedication and money. Consider this carefully before you decide to adopt. When selecting a family pet, look ahead.

Do you have the time to commit to your pet?
Are you willing to commit to take the pet with you should you move in the future?
Do you plan on getting married during the lifetime of this pet?
Do you plan on having children if you don't already have them?
Do you plan on moving away from home or going to college?
How old are the children in your home?
What temperament in a pet best fits your family environment and lifestyle?
Are all members of the family on board with this decision to bring a pet into your lives?
How will the pet fit into your family routine?
What about allergies in the family, or with friends, or anyone who would visit?
Are you willing to make the financial commitment to this pet's health as well?
Are you prepared to deal with issues that require training and patience such as chewing, digging, barking, housebreaking or any other behavioral issue? This is a BIG one. Great pets aren't born, they are made by love and patience!

These are just some of the questions you should consider and answer honestly. These pets have each been given a second chance and they deserve to have it last for the rest of their lives, not until they become an inconvenience and are then passed on yet again. Before you make the commitment and adopt one of Benji's Buddies, you need to understand that. If you find that this is the right time to adopt a rescued pet, we would love for you to consider one of ours.

Surrendering a Pet

Since our rescued pets are in foster homes, not a shelter, we have a very limited capacity for intake. The majority of our animals come from Maricopa County Animal Control's euthanasia list. Too often, animals are surrendered for reasons that could be clearly addressed with proper training, effort and patience. They could be taken with the family when they move, if the family had really made that important commitment. Too many fail to remember that a commitment was made upon adoption. How you nurture, protect and value that life you once saved is a measure of your character. How you honor that commitment is a reflection of your heart. We encourage you to make every effort to keep that pet in your family. You are their home. You are all they know and love. You owe them this much. All requests to surrender a pet that was not a Benji's Buddies' dog previously must be done by email to You must include a photo, bio and all contact information including the phone number, part of town you are in, deadline for surrender and reason. Thank you.

If you would like help with how to go about addressing a particular problem or where to turn to for training assistance, etc., please feel free to contact us.

How You Can Help


ITEMS - We could always use food, treats, toys, blankets, cages, carriers, bowls and all other pet supplies.

MONEY - We welcome all monetary donations to cover the costs of vet bills, food and other expenses incurred in rescue. Please make your checks payable and send to: Benji's Buddies Animal Rescue PO 2127 Higley, AZ 85236 You can also donate by credit or debit card by clicking below.


FOSTERS - Every rescue group, including ours, can use more good fosters able to temporarily care for a pet in need. This is no small commitment. You must care for the animal and bring them to the adoption center on weekends. We do require, however, that before you become a foster, you become a volunteer. When you are ready, then we would proceed to that step. It's a big commitment.

ADOPTION CENTER WORKERS - We could always use more people who are ready to commit for specific times and dates to man the adoption centers. This requires helping set-up, tear-down, walking animals, keeping them supplied with water, cleaning up after them and answering questions about the organization and the particular pet.

You can also make a difference by spaying/neutering your pet, having a collar and tags on him/her and micro-chipping your pet!

Whatever you do to help is deeply appreciated! For more information, please email

How to Adopt from Benji's Buddies

Each featured pet has a phone number or email address of the foster with whom they live. Contact them regarding the particular personality and needs of that pet. You will be interviewed in order to assure a good match. Should everything sound good, arrangements can then be made to meet the pet in person. Many of them come to the various Adoption Centers we work at, as listed on this page. Please confirm with the particular foster as to which foster pets will be there. Once you meet the pet and decide you would like to welcome them into your family, you will then fill out an application and other paperwork.

Click here to download our adoption application

DOGS and PUPPIES start at $140. This includes spay/neuter, current vaccinations, microchip and collar/tags.

FORSAKEN ANGELS CLUB: These particular animals are the sweet angels, who, for one reason or another, have been in foster care longer than most others. They are equally deserving of a loving home. They may require extra training, care or simply haven't had the perfect family find them yet. Reduced rates apply to these precious angels in an increased effort to place them, at last, in their forever homes.

Please email to discuss the particular animal you are interested in and your home situation.

Please note that we do not have the ability to accept payment with credit or debit cards. Must be check or cash at adoptions. We can only take debit or credit card donations through the link indicated above. This is not a resource to process your adoption fee, only a donation link. Thank you..

Where to Find Benji's Buddies

As of November 15th, 2014, you'll find us at Petsmart in Phoenix at 4609 Ray Road. every Saturday from 10 am - 3 pm. We also occasionally attend adoption events held around the city. You'll also find us on FACEBOOK. Please join us.

Benji's Buddies Animal Rescue
PO Box 2127
Higley, AZ 85236
Phone: 602-304-0168 or 480-832-6492


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