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We are a small rescue - all of our funding comes from donations. If you would like to help with our vet bills, please click to Donate button to securely donate via PayPal.


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No, you're eyes aren't deceiving you - Sadie doesn't look like a beagle, but she needed help. And we think she is a shepherd/beagle mix. She is a gentle soul with her human and loves to cuddle. She has had a rough life as evidenced by her torn ear, and she was being kept in a crate in a garage. . She is a little unsure of children so she might be best in an adult household. If you want a gentle, loving companion - come meet her.

If you would like to adopt one of our animals, Click here to download our application. . Please save the application to your computer and email it to as an attachment.

Beagle911 recommends obedience training for your dog

Why train your dog? Most dogs available through rescue groups have not had the easiest life. Many have been ignored, abused, or just not treated kindly. They need a lot of love, but they also need training. Beagles are great pack animals, and as such are more comfortable in an environment where there are rules, and leaders. Obedience training can help establish you as the leader (instead of the dog), which can reduce some unwanted behaviors (such as toy guarding and aggression), and just make life easier by having a well-behaved dog. AND, the obedience classes also provide the attending humans with a much better understanding of their new family member, and how they need to relate to the situation. People training is an absolute good part of obedience training.

The Mt. Nittany Dog Training Club in State College offers various classes in obedience, including Rescue 101, a one-on-one training sessions geared towards adopted dogs and any specific behavior issues that need to be addressed. These sessions are scheduled by request. Beginners classes and other, more advanced classes are offered periodically. Click here to check out their schedule. For more information or about any specific questions and problems you would like to address, email MNDTC Trainer .

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Who We Are

Beagle911 Refuge and Rescue is a place where unwanted, unloved, old, sick, injured or `out of time' beagles might find a safe refuge, and with a bit of wonderful luck, a new forever home. Generally, we do not have puppies. What you can expect is a beagle who has been mistreated, neglected, injured, or with a health issue that is now under control and now is ready to find a family. All are spayed or neutered, unless there are extenuating circumstances. In those cases, a spay/neuter clause in the contract is enforced. All have their shots up to date.

About Beagles: The Beagle is a gentle, sweet, lively, and curious dog that just loves everyone. A happy little tail-wagger. Social, brave, and intelligent. Calm and loving. They do have minds of their own and are determined. They require consistent, gentle training or you can break their spirit. Beagles have a distinctive bark/howl that is considered harmonious. If not left alone outdoors as the hunters did, they do not bark any more than any dog does. Energetic and possessing great stamina, the Beagle needs plenty of exercise but a reasonably sized fenced yard with a daily brisk walk should do. They will follow their nose so cannot be trusted off leash in an unsafe area. Being an average shedder an occasional brushing will suffice. Give proper attention to the ears because they are prone to infections. Keep their nails trimmed. Do not let them become overweight. The average lifespan is 15-18 years. Unfortunately, due to their small, uniform size and gentle disposition, Beagles are often used for medical experimentation.

We Want to Help ALL Adoptable Companion Animals At Risk Beagle911 is a rescue and refuge that focuses on beagles, but we are also accept into our care umbrella animals that need to be relocated for reasons beyond the owner's or sponsor's control. The animals do not have to be beagles, let alone dogs, but for perhaps one of many reasons the owners/sponsors do not or cannot surrender them to any of the local shelters.

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Adopting a Friend

Why the Adoption Application Process is Necessary

It is important to make you aware that there are unscrupulous people who operate in rings to collect cats, dogs and other animals for abusive situations. The danger is that these people appear to be animal lovers and could easily fool you. They sometimes bring children to portray a "perfect family" image. Therefore, it is important to check all references, including a veterinarian reference, and do a home check BEFORE releasing an animal into a stranger's care. Follow-up checks are also necessary.
Click here to download our application. Please save the application to your computer and email it to as an attachment.

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Come Visit With Us! Meet our lovable, adoptable pets in person:

Sundays from 12 - 3pm at Wiscoy Pet Food Company , 424 W. Aaron Dr., State College, PA 16803. Bring your family, bring any dogs you already own, and meet a beagle buddy.

We can bring any specific animal by appointment. Even if you only come to visit with us, we'd love to meet you.

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If you're interested in adopting and can't make one of our events, ... just drop us a an e-mail and we will arrange to meet you at a more convenient time:

We are always looking for volunteers and fosters. If you are interested, click here to download our volunteer application or our foster application. Please complete and email to:

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Dr. Fred Metzger, Official Veterinarian to the Stars, the Beagle Stars, that is:

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Our Supporters

In addition to our vet, we would like to thank our other supporters:

3WZ Radio

Beyond Looks Hair Salon

Victorian Signs

Contact Us

Beagle911 Refuge and Rescue
Centre County, PA 16803
Email Contact is PREFERRED:
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