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We are the largest GREAT DANE RESCUE group in the state of AZ and have been caring for our beloved danes, here in the valley, for the past 18 years. We are dedicated to working throughout the state to provide the proper care & placement of danes in need whether they are a pound puppy or an owner turn-in.

Adopting your dane through the rescuers with the Alliance assures you a dane that has been temperament tested, altered and vet checked. We require a home check and a meet & greet with all family members whether they are 2 or 4 legged!

We are a proud member of Western States Great Dane Rescue Association and Rescue Watchdogs - The ONLY rescue groups in the SW region we support and are affiliated with are listed and approved members of the Western States Great Dane Rescue Association. Please visit that site for details.

We not only offer refuge to those danes needing a new family, we also work with families who just need some advise or training tips for their baby! But.. if you decide rehoming is the only option, please call us. We have a message line for your convenience 623 869-0409. We do understand how painful giving up your best friend can be. You can bring your dane to us or we can make arrangements to do a pick up.

Keeping Pets Safe During Monsoon Storms

High humidity, blowing winds and crashing thunder are usually signs that the monsoon season has arrived. While the storms and rain may be welcome weather for some, this can be a source of distress for pets.

- Keep pets indoors. Loud thunder and blowing winds can scare even the calmest of pets. It is not unusual for dogs to jump over or dig under fences in an attempt to escape during violent storms. They might also bolt out the front door.

- Create a safe place. A spare bedroom or extra bathroom is a great place to keep pets until the storm passes. Be sure to include bedding, food, water, a few favorite toys and litter box for cats. If possible, find a room without windows. You can also turn on a radio or tv to help drown out the sound of the storm.

- Distract your dog. If your dog is beginning to get anxious, try engaging them in any activity that will capture their attention. Practice basic commands or play fetch and be sure to offer lots of praise. If they begin to lose interest, stop the process and move them to their safe place.

- Donít punish your pet for being afraid and donít try to force them to experience the sound. Behave normally, donít reassure, soothe or give treats to your dog when they are afraid (this may reinforce the behavior).

Volunteers, Foster Parents and Donations
We are always grateful for volunteers to help with transports and homechecks, throughout the valley/state. We ALWAYS need QUALIFIED foster parents!!!!! Donations are ALWAYS welcome! We are in constant need of FOOD, blankets, beds, chew toys, and other doggie toys or a gift card to Costco as that is where we buy all of the above!!!!! We will also be happy to have the crate you no longer need for your furkids! Please call or email us so we can make arrangements for a pick up! Thank you for thinking of our danes!

Please help us in our battle to prevent back yard breeders and puppymills by NOT putting dogs that are not of sound body and temperament in your home. Reputable breeders don't advertise their pups on line, in the paper or craigslist and other such venues. Reputable breeders don't allow a petstore to sell their puppies, no matter what that "paid employee" in the petstore tells you. Those poor petstore puppies come from hellish puppymill conditions and usually have medical issues their entire life.

Unfortunately, the Valley of the Sun has way too many back yard breeders. By spaying /neutering your pet, you will help Maricopa County and the State of Arizona from having to euthanize so many animals every month. HUNDREDS of animals are euthanized daily in this state alone due to the overpopulation of pets. If you need assistance in order to alter your animal, please go to the following site: Thank you for your assistance and participation in controlling the overpopulation and homeless animals in our state. Thank you for being part of the solution and not part of the problem.

Valley Fever (VF) has become a serious health concern for pets over the past 15 years due to the population growth & development in AZ. VF is NOT contagious. It is a fungal spore in our soil. Our vets have seen an alarming increase of cases in their practices.

If you show your dog or travel through an area of California, New Mexico, Texas, Southern tip of Nevada or Arizona with your pet, where VF is prevalent, your dog could be at risk. Then the problem is, going back to your state and your vets NOT being familiar with VF so your dog's illness is misdiagnosed and your dog continues to get sicker or die before VF is recognized and treated "properly".

We encourage all the "breed clubs" throughout America to publish information about VF so your members are aware of the risks their dogs' could face. In most cases, VF is treatable BUT needs a proper diagnosis so the proper meds can be dispensed. Please read as much material as is available so when the symptoms surface, you will know what to do and what questions to ask your vet... be a well informed dog owner. To join a support group for parents of pets with VF, please see the link at the bottom of the page-valley fever pets.

Great Dane Rescue is done by volunteers who are dedicated to helping Great Danes in Arizona find a FOREVER home. We do not have a shelter for you to visit as everyone works out of their homes.. We have several reputable rescues that are currently working with the Alliance. Only those rescues that abide by and follow the Alliance criteria are allowed to post the danes they have available, on this site.

Great Dane Rescue of AZ Alliance
P.O. Box 86745
Phoenix, AZ 85080
Phone: 623-869-0409 Msg Line

Please consider a Donation.  No Donation is too Small

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