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 Adoption Fees

The standard donation to adopt is $ 250 This contribuition is designed to help offset some of the expenses accrued by a foster dog which includes microchip identification (ideally, AVID or HomeAgain, but occassionally 24PetWatch), sterilization (spay or neuter sugery), vaccination against Rabies, Distemper/Parvo and Kennel cough, deworming for intestinal parasites (Panacur and Droncit or Drontal Plus), flea control (usually, Comfortis) and heartworm prevention (Sentinel). The unseen expenses of fuel/transport costs, time, food, love/attention, etc. is never recoverable monetarily, but is, hopefully, donated in the lasting relationship between a foster dog and their new family. 

What Is A Courtesy Posting?

Occasionally, as a courtesy, we will post a dog that is not part of the K9 Connection program. In this scenario, the contact information for individual(s) responsible for the dog in the courtesy posting will be displayed with the biography. K9 Connection volunteers provide this service on a limited basis to assist an individual in rehoming their pet;  the adoption fees, contract, etc. are up to whomever is responsible for the adoptable dog. 



Who We Are

K9 Connection primarily aids dogs that fall into a working dog category that have ended up in shelter situations. Almost all dog breeds were bred with a job in mind. Our primary interest is in dogs that do not have a pet quality temperament; the dogs in our program are happier with a job. This dog could be a Jack Russell on up to a Belgian Malinois. Our interest has long been to evaluate a foster dog and find it an appropriate home. When we take a dog that has been discarded for it's busy nature, it is our desire to develop that behavior into something constructive and desirable. 

K9 Connection intends to pair humans and canines in a match that will last a lifetime. Once a dog ends up in our program there are a multitude of steps that must be met before the dog is put up for adoption; such as veterinary exam and care, temperment evaluation and modification, if necessary. Our organization's intention is for every dog in our program to have the opportunity to meet a family that will be suitable for their temperment and energy level. Therefore, it is our ultiimate goal to make it more appealing to seek out a rescue dog than to purchase a puppy from a breeder.



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Please, note, this organization is not a public shelterK9 Connection is comprised of volunteers who donate their time, money and resources to help these worthy dogs have a second chance. In order to meet a foster dog, an interested party must fill out an adoption application first. 


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