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"Chaser" is a very handsome purebred Yellow Lab whose (soldier) owner was relocated to the East Coast. He was kept in a kennel for the past year and a half, so is now familiarizing himself with human activities. "Sasha" is an Anatolian Shepherd mix that is young and eager to please. She is totally house trained, but enjoys the outdoors. "Roscoe" is a working dog that would love to find a new home with some chores to help you with! He is an outdoor dog, but is eager to learn and would love to spend the Winter inside with YOU! "Brandy" is a very sweet Black Lab that would fit into just about any lifestyle. She is fully house trained and just wants to be with you. Won't you make an appointment to meet one of these great dogs. They are all in foster care in our area!


"Tippy" the black lab is loving her new home on a large acreage between Cody and Powell. See her new pictures on our Facebook page! "Rosie" the tiny Chihuahua is now trying out a new home here in Cody where she'll have someone to cuddle with and lots of new playmates. "Tripp" the Golden Retriever is loving his new home in Burlington and "Zoey" the little Pit bull puppy stole the hearts of her foster family and will remain there FOREVER! Way to go Zoey!.

Who We Are

"3 Dog Rescue" is a registered non-profit, all volunteer organization established in Cody, WY to help you find a new companion or working dog to suit your lifestyle. We also assist our local shelters as well as other rescue organizations by fostering, conducting home checks and transporting. Many responsible owners are faced with having to give up their much loved pets. Networking with veterinarians, shelters, and other rescue organizations enables us to find appropriate new homes to suit each dog's specific needs. Our goal is to transition each dog into a new environment with as little stress as possible. Most owners want to be assured that their dogs find a great new home and "3 Dog Rescue" was established to assist with this effort. The dogs we place must be spayed/neutered and current on their vaccinations. Our standard adoption fee is $150 for each dog, but our fee may vary according to breed, age, and/or other circumstances. "3 Dog Rescue" operates through donations and adoption fees to cover these expenses. To have each dog "ready to go" costs us an average of $200-$300 per dog. All receive full veterinary examinations and some need dental work, blood work, and additional vet services. We are currently applying for our 501c3 status and our EIN# is 80-0789361 Not all dogs that come into rescue are house pets, therefore our criteria for adoption and our Adoption Agreements may vary. Some are housetrained and crate trained, while others may be farm/ranch, hunting, guarding, herding or working breeds that prefer the outdoors. The majority of our dogs however are companion dogs and all applicants must be able to provide indoor shelter year-round. We do NOT allow chaining and all dogs must be kept inside a shelter at night. Please be aware of your expectations of each dog before applying for adoption. We want to place the appropriate dog with your needs and strive to find the best possible homes for all our rescues. "Adoption Applications, Adoption Agreements," and "Relinquishment Forms" can be sent to you via email or picked up at some of our local vets in Cody and Powell, WY. For more details email Kathy McDonald at kathy@3dogrescue.com or call (307) 587-4794 for more information. Any donations, no matter how small are always greatly appreciated. We also give assistance in our community to families that cannot afford food or medical attention for their dogs. Our mailing address is "3 Dog Rescue" c/o Kathy McDonald, 228 Spirit Mountain Dr., Cody, WY 82414-9466

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3 Dog Rescue
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Email: kathy@3dogrescue.com
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