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Donate a Bed
Our cats love to sleep on Kuranda cat beds, but we don't have enough for all of our quarantine cages. We also love the towers! They make great additions to our free roaming rooms at PURR! If you would like to donate a bed at a special wholesale price for a another cat to sleep in comfort, please donate a Kuranda cat bed.
Come and meet the PURR babes! We have adoption events scheduled nearly every week and adoption specials are offered too! Please visit our Website for more information. We also have lots of news on events on our Facebook Page ! All of our adoptees are FIXED, VACCINATED, TESTED for felv and fiv, and de-parasited. They also have the option of having Avid Microchips implanted at no additional cost! These chips have a prepaid registration and no yearly fee. Adoption is the only option and it saves you money too! Save a life and save cash - wow that is a win/win!

The PURR Baby's are grateful for your donations!
P.U.R.R. West Virginia is a one of a kind shelter/rescue/sanctuary for cats and kittens. Open intake, we operate as a cat shelter covering all of West Virginia. Many counties don't have facility for cats, and many more have limited facility, making the chances for the cats bleak. P.U.R.R. also rescues cats and kittens from high kill shelters throughout West Virginia. We provide sanctuary for many less-adoptable or unadoptable cats and aging cats have a forever home here in our private facility. We also offer a "Furrever Foster" program for these cats, and place them in foster homes so they can enjoy the company of a family and the love of a home. P.U.R.R. West Virginia is a private non-profit cat shelter, and funded solely from donations and grants. There are many ways you can help us continue this amazing work. Please consider becoming a monthly donor, every dollar helps! Please contact us for information: Donate via paypal too. Kuranda beds are another wish list item for our babes who have to stay in cages or kennels because of illness or while being quarantined. These beds help the cats stay calmer and happier, sleeping and resting and getting some extra exercise too! thanks for your donations!
!" PURR-Baby Spotlight Joan Jett
Dumped last year in a Rock Band Box (popular video game), with her five kittens (all named after rock stars and homed in 2011), Miss Joan is a special babe. She is very gentle and loving but not assuming in the least! Joan is a maine coon mix, and her fur is spectacular! .
"I'm waiting for you."Joan Jett
Puzzling how people can throw them away isn't it? PURR-sonal Information - Who we are?
P.U.R.R. West Virginia is a grass roots rescue effort, comprised of some loving people with a mission to change the fate of some of the abandoned and unwanted felines in the North Central West Virginia area. The focus of our effort is rescue and rehabilitation.
Social, emotional, mental and physical.
Bringing the abandoned and unwanted into our care means making the commitment to all four areas of a cat's being. We are dedicated to implementing new ideas in the area of population control, and reducing the misuse of euthanasia as a means to that end. Lorna is the Executive Director, Shelter managers Bonnie and Donna make the facility a wonderful place to visit and volunteer, and help the cats and kittens have the best shelter experience available! and a wonderful board of directors is behind the scenes doing outreach and growing the PURR. Rescue takes time, resources and dedication, but it is well worth the effort.
Although we know we can't take in all the cats, we can help one kitty at a time. We can educate and we can make a difference.
"The smallest feline is a masterpiece."Leonardo DaVinci
 Volunteers like Olivia make a difference in the lives of PURRbabes. PURR-fect Adopters - First Step
Please contact us for an application, the first step toward adopting one of the PURR babies.

You can come visit the cats when the application process is completed. We encourage you to spend some time with the cats and get to know their purrsonalities. Cats are all different, just like people.
VOLUNTEERS are always welcome, our shelter has special hours for famillies and kids to come and help with the cats, learn about rescue and rehabilitation and love on the babes! Contact to find out when you can visit!

"What greater gift than the love of a cat."Charles Dickens

PURR-haps you'd like to help us?
P.U.R.R. West Virginia needs you, we rely on donations to help the cats. Would you like to donate supplies, time or money to help save felines? Contact P.U.R.R. today.
Items we need at the sanctuary:
  • Cat trees and furniture..
  • cat beds.
  • Gift cards to Petco, Pet Supplies Plus and Sam's. Other department stores too.
  • Cleaning supplies; non-pine; and Laundry detergent.
  • Brooms, mops and dustpans
  • White and black garbage bags.
  • Paper towels, all purpose baby wipes.
  • Dry and canned food (Purina)
  • Litter boxes, scoopers, Litter, both scoop and non. Lots of Litter.
"Purring would seem to automatic safety-valve device for dealing with happiness overflow. --Monica Edwards."T.S. Elliot
FACEBOOK us! We have lots of info and great stories for cat lovers!

P.U.R.R. West Virginia Inc.

Grafton, WV 26354
Phone: 304-265-4671

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