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04/22/2013 I am winding down my rescue. the website is no longer available. While I am no longer taking in new horses, i will help find new homes for people who need to find them homes. Please contact me at if you would like me to help! Thank you! 07/12/2010 the Second Chance Horse Rescue has moved location!! My new address is 4422 Hwy K Barneveld, WI 53507 Effective 07/01/2010 ************************************************************************************* 03/19/2010 It is that time of year again with the Midwest Horse Fair!! I will be bringing, Lady, Daevin and Antar!! We will be in Barn 5 up by the Arena end. I am also going to speak (lecture) about horse rescue on Friday at 4pm and Saturday at 5pm!! So very excited about that. Please come to see us! November 30, 2009 Please view my website for more information on my rescue and adoptions! BIG FUNDRAISER ON JUNE 26, 2010!! MORE INFORMATION TO COME! February 2, 2009 dont forget to go to my website for more rescue horses and stories. Sorry, i am so bad at updating this page. I do update the individual pets but i forget about this page! Next time to visit with us will be the Midwest Horse Fair from April 17-19, 2009. We will be having foal days! June 23, 2008. Its been awhile since I updated the home page. So sorry about that. right now we have a bunch of horses up for adoption and we are training them as we go. I havent had to go to auctions as I have had many, many people trying to surrender their horses for all different reasons. Most are not trained, some are older, some have disabilities. But all owners do not want them to go to auctions. they know the fate of their horse if they go there. I feel for them, but also want people to know that they are responsible for their animals. Not just horses, but all of the living animals they purchase. I know things come up and it can be difficult. But i also want people to know that there are many, many good horses out there. With alittle training and love, you can have a great horse! But to sell a horse that isnt trained or too old, or disabled, they wont sell. The market is even bad for totally broke younger horses with papers! You can get them for under $500.00! the economy is bad. If you dont think you can afford a horse long term then dont get one. My rescue is that I want to find FOREVER homes. Please dont apply for a rescue horse unless you really think you can keep this horse forever! they last alot longer than dogs and cats! 30 plus years! Remember that! I know people have good intentions, but that isnt enough. Pretty soon, I will be just keeping these horses and wont be able to take on anymore as I am just too full up! Especially if I dont have people to adopt these horses! I will tell you every quirk, every problem that each horse has while with me. They will get their shots, wormer, farrier, good food and water and of course good grooming and training. Please consider a horse from a rescue group! January 9, 2008- We have been accepted for the MIDWEST HORSE FAIR again for 2008. please mark your calendars for April 18-20, 2008 and come to see us and our rescue horses. I plan on taking Lady, an 18 year old Morgan mare who is now getting training at Pursley Valley Stables. Not sure who else we will bring, but they will be fantastic! Hoping for Shadow to give birth soon so that we can take them both along with Lady! See you there! Jenny************************************************************************ OCTOBER 2007!! WE ARE NOW A NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION!! YIPPEE! PLEASE REFER TO MY WEBSITE AND I WILL ALSO BE SETTING UP PAY PAL FOR DONATIONS THROUGH THE INTERNET. PLEASE CONSIDERING DONATING! WE HAVE A FEW RESCUES THAT NEED SOME ADDITIONAL VET CARE. THANKS FOR BEING SO PATIENT! September 17, 2007 I have 2 mares that I acquired over a month ago. One is a pregnant 22 year old QH pony (sire is a mustang). Her companion is a 8 year old paint mare who MAY be pregnant. We are unsure of their due dates as they have been unsocialized for over 5 years. We are trying to get them socialized and after they have their babies and are weaned these 2 girls will be up for adoption. They will most likely be pasture pals only. The paint (Honey) is totally blind. She is very close to Shadow the QH pony. Their foals will also be up for adoption when weaned next year. Lets all hope and pray that both of them have healthy foals and they themselves stay healthy. Its been a long road with them so far and its only getting longer! Shadow is allowing us to touch her at times and Honey has not allowed us to touch her when she knows we are near. Pictures coming soon. And updates as well. May 8, 2007- Gabe and Max both did wonderful at the Midwest Horse Fair. They stole alot of hearts! I was very impressed with both of them because it was alot of horses, alot of people and stuck in a stall for most of the 3 days we were there. They didnt fuss and were very interested in the hub-bub around them. They did very well when we took them out for walks. I want to thank everyone who knows us and didnt know us and came to speak with us about rescue horses. Thank you for all of your donations. I really appreciate that!-------Jenny April 6, 2007- Dont forget to come to the Midwest Horse Fair from April 20-22, 2007 at the Alliant Center in Madison, WI. I will be bringing Gabe, an Appendix-Quarter colt- he is a yearling. I will also be bringing Max, my 20 year old Morgan gelding! I will be in barn 5! So please come and visit with us! ******************************************************************************* March 5, 2007 The home page to my website has been updated. I have the paperwork done and sent in the government to hopefully give me the non profit status!! I am also going to the Midwest Horse Fair! I will be bringing 2 of my rescued horses to show off. Please be sure to check in to see what Barn I will be in. The dates are APRIL 20-22, 2007! I hope to see you there! Jenny I know I have been lax in updating you all with my horses. Right now I have 8 horses and the majority are horses that either have some health problems or are older. I would like to change my rescue. I will most doubtedly get more horses, but my ultimate goal is to get the horses that no one or at least hardly anyone will ever buy. there are horses out there, that still have life and passion but just cant have riders. I understand how expensive it can be to have these 'pasture pets'. But they do not have to be sent to auctions where the kill buyers can take them to their certain deaths. I will have some horses that can be adopted but I am tending to adopt to people who own their own land vs. the person who boards. I have gotten a few back because of financial problems. I know that things can come up and know that sometimes, you just cant keep the horse that was adopted. And I think it helps to know that the horses come back to me to either keep or find another home for them. I do promise that we are now going forward with the nonprofit status. We had a big mixup with the Tax ID number. But now that is over (knock on wood) and we should hear soon. I want to have sponsors of my horses that cant be adopted. And then you will be able to take the donation off of your taxes. I will be redoing my website to give more details and let you know which horses will be up for sponsorship. Thank you very much for your patience and all of your calls. Jenny Ashbacher is my new email address. More to come soon! look on my website for more information!


SAVE THE HORSES FROM SLAUGHTER!! Waukon, Iowa has a horse auction every 2nd and 4th Saturday. Tact startsat 10:00 and horses after 4pm. WISH LIST FOR THE MONTH OF DECEMBER!! Pail, buckets, Horse Blankets- any size, Bedding, soft brushes, grain/hay, feeders, old water tanks (we use for hay), unused vaccines and wormers, buckets, pails, halters, Lead ropes, Hay bags, rakes, wheelbarrels, vet supplies, and money is wonderful too! All items can be used or new! Thanks so much for your generosity and consideration!

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OCTOBER 2007 WE ARE NOW A NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION! PAPER WORK IN AND APPROVED! YOU CAN NOW TAKE ANY DONATIONS OFF OF YOUR TAXES! WE ARE VERY, VERY HAPPY ABOUT THIS! We are a small operation who buy horses to save them from slaughter. We pick up horses from auctions and will bid on them if no one or the slaughter people do. We will also take horses from people that need to give their horses up. We will not buy horses because people just want to sell their horses. This is a rescue and I dont have alot of money. All of this comes from myself and my husband Dave, Jody Pursley , Makon Buzzell, Michele Linke and Emily Volp who trains them at an incredible discount and my wonderful volunteers who come out and help out. Any donations and sales of the rescue horses will go back into the rescue. No one gets a paid salary from this rescue!

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