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Since several great rescues have popped up in our area, we are redirecting our rescue efforts to wild horse round ups where we will tame, train and find great, loving homes for each horse that we round up.

There are many cattle ranchers out there, along with the DNR and BLM that are rounding up our wild horses and either selling them to the kill buyer or taking them to slaughter. It is our goal to round up these horses before the cattle ranchers do to insure that they are NOT taken to slaughter or used for rodeos or experimentation.

We can save between 100 to 900 horses a year doing these round up and funding to provide a safe place for kids of all ages and to have a safe haven for these previously neglected and/or abused animals comes from private donations, board participation, grants and fundraiser activities. Yes, we need hay, cash, volunteers, and even more kids for the horses to love.

Adopting A Friend

The Shepherd's Way Animal Rescue takes in and re-homes between 15 and 55 horses a year depending on how many volunteers come help with training each summer.

Each horse is trained under saddle through Natural Horsemanship methods and taken out on the trails. We try and make things fun for the horses so when their new family takes them home, they look forward to a lifetime of love and fun.

Some of our horses cannot be ridden because they have been so badly abused in their past that only a few people can get close to these wonderful creatures. Gaining trust is a very slow process but once that trust has been gained, the love is beyond comprehension.

Other horses cannot be ridden because they have worked or played hard in their youth and have stiff joints that slow them down, yet each animal at the ranch has an amazing ability to love and express that love.

We also rescue Military War German Shepherd Dogs to retrain them as medical alert dogs. Some dogs just don't need retrained, they just need a loving home that doesn't need a medical alert dog but just wants a fiercely loving and loyal dog.

A loving home is very important to any creature. If you are interested in adopting any one of our horses or Military War Dogs, you just need to provide a good home with the proper care. We will answer your questions about the care and make suggestions with your special animal's issues. Some one from TSWAR will make visits to your facility or home to be sure the animal's care is going smoothly.

Please consider getting involved at TSWAR. As a team, we can create a great experience serving our community. These animals need partners like you. May we come and share The Shepherds Way Animal Rescue story with your group?

Every adoption fee for the horses is $500 with a two year contract.

Come to the ranch and meet these magnificent four legged friends to see which one chooses you.

Who We Are

We began our rescue as a wolf sanctuary in 1989 and graduated to an Animal Rescue, concentrating on horses, in 1998. We became a licensed entity in 2003 in the State of Washington and applied for our 501(c)(3) status, wherein we were approved.

We offer free horseback riding lessons to disabled and disadvantaged children of all ages, as well as, encourage our Wounded Warriors to bring their families to learn about horses and learn how to ride.

We are now rescuing German Shepherd Military War Dogs where we retrain them to be medical alert dogs for our wounded warrior or children that needs a medical alert dog but cannot afford one. A couple of the dogs are adopted out to great family's that do not need a medical alert dog but just want a wonder and trained dog. Most of these dogs are cuddle muffins yet knows when it's time to work.

Allen and Carrie Aenk are the Owners and Executive Directors and welcome any questions you may have. So come visit the ranch and meet our magnificent animals.


Come Visit Us

The Shepherd's Way Animal Rescue is located one hour north of Spokane, Washington off of 395 Hwy from Loon Lake. We are located 8.2 miles up Springdale-Hunters Road in Springdale, Washington. Physical address is: 4819 F Springdale-Hunters Road, Springdale, Washington 99173.

You are welcome to visit our website at: www.tswar.org

Our contact information is: (509) 258-7110


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