If you are interested in one of our friends the first step is to fully fill out an application. All questions must be filled out for us to process the application. Simply copy the below test and email it back to us at K9NWinfo@aol.com

K9NorthWest Pre-Adoption Application Tacoma Washington

Office: (360) 500-3414

This questionnaire was designed to help us evaluate potential adopters. K9NorthWest wants to ensure that the adopting family feels they are able to handle the great responsibilities that come with adopting an animal. Pet adoption can place a physical, mental, and financial burden on a household and we want to be sure that your family understands and is prepared to deal with these extremely important issues. Please fill in all lines failing to do so will slow down our process. Thank you!

Dog you are interested in:______________________________

Personal Info:_____________________________

Dog(s) you are interested in:__________________

Your Name:


Co-Applicant's Name:

Co-Applicant's Age: __________

Street Address:


State / Province / Region: Postal / Zip Code:

Country: __________________

Cell Phone:

Home phone:_________________


Work Info:_______________________________

Applicant's Employer: ____________ Position:_____________Phone: ___________

Co-Applicant's Employer: ___________ Position:_____________ Phone:_______________

Veterinarian's Info:__________________________

Vet Name:_____________

Establishment's Name:_____________

Phone Number: __________________

How Much is a Wellness check at this facility?: ______________-

Occupants Info:____________________________

Number of children in your home: ___________ Ages: _______

Do they live with you full time: _____________

Number of adults living in your home: _____

Is anybody home during the day: _________ Who: _________________

Who will be responsible for caring for the dog: ______________________________________________________

Housing Info:_____________________________

Do you consider the location of your house to be: ____________________

Type of home: _____________

(Please Describe): ____________________________________

Do you Rent: _______________________

(If Yes you must provide proof that you are allowed to have dogs.)

Landlord's Name: _____________

Landlord's Phone Number: __________________

How long have you lived in current home?:

________________(If Under a year we require past landlord.)

Past Landlord's Name: Past Landlord's Phone Number:

Would you describe the activity level in your home as: _________________

Why do you want to adopt a dog: _______________________________________

Most rescue dogs have been thrown away and may have behavioral and/or emotional issues. How are you and your family prepared to deal with these potential issues: Required field. Please take your time and put some thought into it. Applications will not be reviewed without this section filled out:

Do you have a fenced in yard: ____ If yes what type and height of fence do you have:

If fenced how many gates do you have:

How are they secured:

____________________________Home Environment:____________________________ Will the animal be kept:

How long will the animal be left alone during the day:

Do you have a(select all that apply):

When the animal is home alone will they be:

What will you do with the dog when you are on vacation:

__________________________Doggy Daycare Info:____________________________

~Need to research one close to your home~

Owner Name: _______

Establishment's Name: __________

Phone Number: _________

How Much is it per hour at this facility?: __________

K9Northwest does not require you to use a Doggy Daycare though we do want you to be aware of possible costs.

____________________________Spay/Neuter Info:____________________________

Do you believe in spaying/neutering: ________

Are your present animals spayed or neutered: _____________

If they are not what is the reason:

___________________________Owner Responsibility:_________________________

How much do you think taking proper care of a dog will cost in 1 years time:

(This includes food, vet care, grooming, licensing, and any other expenses.)

How much are you willing to pay to provide proper care of a dog in 1 years time:

(This includes food, vet care, grooming, licensing, and any other expenses.)

Do you Understand that there might be unforeseen expenses:

Do you Understand that YOU will be responsible for such unforeseen expenses:

This dog could depend on you for the next 14 years. Are you prepared to make that commitment:

Have you ever given up a dog before:

For what Reason:

To help resolve the problems are you willing to:

What will you do with the dog if you move:

For what types of behavior problems would you return a dog:

Other (Please describe:

Please list animals that you have previously owned (other than fish, rodents, or reptiles) and describe what happened to them:

Please list all animals that you presently own (other than fish, rodents, and reptiles): Please include Type of Animal/Breed, How long you have owned, Age, Gender, Neutered, Vaccinated. Are they on heartworm preventative:

Give the names and phone numbers of two references (I.E. vet, neighbor. No family members)

Name: (H): (W):

Name: (H): (W):

What is the best time to call you at home to check on how the adopted animal is adjusting:

If at any time an adopter cannot keep the animal, it must be returned to K9NorthWest! Your donation to K9NorthWest will not be refunded for any reason. K9 NorthWest has the right to refuse or deny any application for any reason other than race, creed, color or religion.


(360) 500-3414 k9northwest@aol.com