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The Almost Home Project is a no-kill pet adoption program run by The Almost Home Coalition. Currently, animals available for adoption are available at Kaija's Garden & Pet located at 623 NW State Avenue in Chehalis, Washington.
Our mission is to increase adoptions & decrease euthanasia in Lewis County, Washington.
The Almost Home Coalition (formerly Friends of Lewis County Animal Shelter) has teamed up with The Cat’s Meow of Lewis County & Kitty Kat Haven to expand and strengthen the support and services we can offer the residents of Lewis County. While we have been known in the community for the past 6 years as “Friends of Lewis County Animal Shelter” or “FOLCAS”, we have moved away from using those names and instead use “The Almost Home Coalition” to reflect the partnerships with other organizations working toward the same goal of improving animal welfare in Lewis County. Together we can feed the animals which will allow pet owners to keep their pets during a tough time, keeping them out the animal shelter (Kitty Kat Haven's "Pet Pantry" program). We can get them fixed, decreasing the animal population and euthanasia (The Cat's Meow of Lewis County spay/neuter program & our fix-a-pit program). And we can find them homes through adoptions at events & The Almost Home Project adoption program currently located at Kaija's Garden & Pet in Chehalis & Kitty Kat Haven's adoption program for adult cats at PetSense in Chehalis. We are all working together to build "The Almost Home Project" - A no kill pet adoption center and low-cost spay/neuter clinic on our property located at NE 2660 Kresky Ave. in Chehalis.. With the building of the low cost spay and neuter clinic we will be able to practice what we preach. We will be able to target animal populations that would otherwise never be taken to a vet to be spayed or neutered. One adoption center is not going to end euthanasia. It might delay it. It might even increase the number of adoptions. But ultimately, people need to have their pets spayed & neutered so the number of unwanted pets decreases. Saving one animal may not make a huge difference in the world but it makes a huge world of difference to that one animal.

Currently, animals who are part of The Almost Home Project are being adopted at Kaija's Garden and Pet located at 623 NW State Avenue in Chehalis. The phone number is 360-508-0151. Photos of Animals up for adoption are posted on our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Almost-Home-Project/118624441575899#!/pages/The-Almost-Home-Project/118624441575899?sk=info and also at www.almosthomeproject.petfinder.com

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Kitties currently available for adoption at located at Kaija's Garden & Pet located at 623 NW State Ave. in Chehalis.

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